New Zealand // Canada

I completely suck at blogging at the moment, although I haven't really had anything to blog about as it seems I've come half way around the world to just to work...BUT...I have some really exciting news!!

I am so incredibly happy right now! I really didn't think I would get it because id heard from so many people that it was really hard to get them, but I got it within like 3 weeks of applying, its insane! Im going to Canada! I have absolutely loved New Zealand, and I'm really excited to traveling down south next week, but I know deep down in my gut that this isn't where I'm supposed to be. I thought about getting my second year visa, and I think if I hadn't got Canada I would of, but it didn't sit right in my belly. When I got the letter to say I got my Canada visa I was so happy and I felt like a weight had lifted off my shoulders, I knew it was the right place to go next on my travels. Im really going to miss NZ and all the amazing friends iv made and people I've met, its been a hell of a time! Im going to see it out till my visa ends in December, so I have a good 4 months left of NZ summer and awesome times, I'm gonna have the best time I can before I have to start allover again!! Im not gonna lie, the thought of going it alone to Canada is absolutely terrifying, but I know its going to be so worth it! Iv started to research and plan things I want to do but its all so overwhelming! 4 months is going to fly by though (how is it September already?!) so I best get planning! 

First things first though, we go down to the south island on Monday which is going to be such an awesome time! Were taking the Kiwi Experience bus down, taking a helicopter ride over Fox Glacier,  doing a canyon swing, sailing on Milford Sound....its going to be the experience of my life time and Im beyond excited! And a bonus is, when we get back, summer will be just getting started, so it means shorts, no jumpers, flip flops, breaks by the lake and river floats every weekend. Just what I need!