Movie Review // The Huntsman: Winters War

I was naughty and watched this online (I know, its really bad, just give me a slap on the wrist) but to be honest, Im glad. I would of been really disappointed if I paid to see this. I really loved the first one. I remember getting out the cinema and thinking that it was one of the best movies id seen that year, even though it had Kristen Stewart in it. The SFX were amazing and the film was visually stunning, it was gritty and dirty and apart from some dodgy accents, it was really well acted, Charlize Theron was incredible!

Unfortunately I cant say the same for this film. The visuals were equally as good, I could watch these films on silent and just look at them and be happy. Theres a bit with the Mirror and it pools on the floor and its all molten gold and its so good, its mesmerising. Same with the forest bit in the first one...that was such a beautiful sequence. The costumes in these films are amazing too, the attention to detail is incredible! I would love to get my hands on one or two of the Evil Queens dresses.

Its definitely the people who let this film down. I don't know if its the same director or writers, but it didn't have the same feel about it and it just didn't work. The whole film felt forced and awkward, the accents were even more terrible than the first film, and I don't know why they chose the actors they did (sorry Chris! I still love you!). It was like they tried to make it into a light hearted, almost funny film and it just didn't go with the whole story/feel of the film. I really liked the story and the mash-up of Snow White and The Snow Queen stories, I thought that was really good, if a little Frozen-esque, it could of been amazing and its really annoying that it wasn't.

Charlize stole the show again, and she should of been in it way more, she plays that role so well! Emily Blunt was good, but I did feel like she was kind of in the shadow of Charlize, which I suppose went with the story. I just feel like they didn't really know what they were doing, and they tried so hard to copy the magic of the first one and they just didn't quite get there. It wasn't all bad, and I probably would watch it again and probably get it on DVD, but I am glad I didn't go the cinema, although I do feel like I had high expectations and others would probably really enjoy the film. Thats all I have to say about this film really, its wasn't anything special but it was alright.

Im really looking forward to the next few months and the films that are coming out, Suicide Squad (yes!), Sausage Party (hell yes!), X-Men (undecided) to name but a few!


Movie Review // Captain America: Civil War (I did actually like this film, honest!)

So I'm getting a bit bored of writing (or not as the case may be) about NZ. Not that its boring being here, not in the slightest, its just that i'm not doing anything apart from working at the moment. I decided I would stop my 'normal' blogging and focus on NZ when I left to travel but its not really working out. So I thought id better get back to regular programming otherwise Im gonna loose interest in this little project and give up, and I don't want to do that, so heres a little movie review to get me back into the swing of things.
We went to see Captain America: Civil War the other day and it was awesome!! That was my initial thought anyway. WOW! Amazing! They did it again!

Then I went home and actually thought about it. Im afraid I cant really do this without spoilers so....SPOILER ALERT!

Cap should of died. He should be dead. Dead. Dead. D.E.A.D.....dead. but he's not, and it pisses me off. Or even Iron Man....Bucky! Someone....AMYONE! Someone should of died. Not because it happened in the Comic (although that was my first gripe) but because all that fighting, and choosing sides, and talking and nothing happened. Nothing major happened and it happens in every film they make. Im not saying there bad films because I love Marvel and superheroes but I'm not shocked by them, they don't make me feel anything. I told my friend about what I thought and he said that Bucky being the one who killed Starks parents was really shocking, which it was, but it wasn't like OH MY GOD WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED - shocking, which is what these films all lack. Maybe its the 'Disney' side of things trying to make these films all a bit shiny, and I suppose they are 'kids films' but still...I would like something more to happen.

Another thing that I have a problem with is the storylines. They're all political, its Shield against the Government, its Iron Man V Captain America, its boring. I don't want to watching a Superhero movie about politics and secret government agendas, I want to watch Superheroes fighting crime, or aliens and Villains. I get what they're trying to do and making it relatable and 'with the times' but I see that on the news and if I want to watch a film about it i'll watch a cop movie, or a war film. I watch Superhero movies to escape and feel like I'm not in the world I'm in. I know this one is called Civil War, so the story is them fighting each other, so this argument is not really that valid, but I still want to make my point haha!

Saying that, the amount of Superheroes in this film was awesome and they got it so right. Everyone had enough screen time, the relationship and exchanges between them were perfect and the fight seen in the airport is on point! The one thing Marvel do really well is humour. They get there one liners in perfectly and it never feels too much or forced (maybe Black Widow pushes it sometimes but I think its because I don't really like SJ in these films). I loved everyones cameos and I loved all the new characters they introduced too. The Black Panther was one awesome dude! I don't really know much about that character but I loved every second he was on screen and I think his story is gonna be really interesting. AntMan is always my fav, love Paul Rudd! That bit where he goes big was awesome (loved the Star Wars reference too), that could of been so bad but they managed to pull it off, and Spider Man was great, cant wait for his film, think they might of finally got it right with him. I didn't like Vision. I don't know why I don't like him because I really like Paul Bettany, I think I just miss Jarvis, that woman voice is just not the same! Also Hawk Eye....why was he there? I know, I know, he was choosing his side and helping his friend, and it was funny when him an Black Widow are fighting and she asks if there still friends, but the last we saw of him he was with his family and he had gotten out the game because family comes first and then he just shows up out of no where, and gets caught and ends up in prison...I thought it was a bit weak and didn't need to happen, he didn't have to be there. Where as Thor should of been there! Where was Thor?! Where was the sexy God of a Man who would of clunked all their heads together and told them to stop being stupid! And the Hulk! Where was the Hulk?

Which brings me on to the next 'problem'. They have really lame excuses for why characters aren't in the movies and they just randomly slot them in and its really jarring. I never once thought 'oh, where is Thor?' 'Where is Pepper Pots?', Its just in the back of my mind, they're not in the film  (the actors where probably busy) so there probably doing something and its fine, I don't need to know where they are. The bit where Tony is on stage and then someone says something about Pepper cancelling, then you find out they split up, its like 'WHAT?!' why did they split up? they shouldn't split up they're stronger together, she grounds him and he loves her, and they went through all that together and then you just casually throw in that there not together anymore, just to explain why she's not in the film? It completely took me out of the story because it just was not necessary and really obviously put in the script. But they do it all the time, and its probably fine for other people, I just really hate it!

I feel like I'm tearing this film to shit, I actually really really like it and I think it might be one of my favourite Marvel movies so far, it was just the final straw in my annoyance of this franchise to actually do something drastic. I did think that Tony might of ending up dying when Cap was smashing him in the chest with the shield, that was intense! Also when Bucky got his arm ripped off, that was touch and go, but they couldn't even kill War Machine! He's not even in the movies that much and, sorry War Machine, but it wouldn't even matter if he died, but nooooo he had to live because heaven forbid he could die after FREE FALLING IN A METAL SUIT FOR A GOOD FEW THOUSAND FEET AND ONLY BREAK HIS LEGS! Its Americans! Nothing bad can ever happen in films, every one has to come out the other side singing songs and farting rainbows! When Black Widow got blown out the back of that jeep, she should of died, or at least been seriously injured. That was an armoured tank, presumably with the door locked, point blank range explosion from a grenade with only a man as shield, she totes would of died! At the very least she would of got squished against the metal door and the man for a good few seconds before the door gave out and broke a few ribs and suffered severe burns, but she got up and had one scratch on her cheek, then ran around chasing bad guys...Shes' not super human! She should of died!

So yeah, this film was awesome and I think if it had been sooner in the series, I wouldn't have so many problems with it. I will never stop watching Marvel movies they are so much fun to watch and make me feel like the big kid that I am, but they need to step up their game. So tell me what you think? Do you agree with me, or do you think I'm being totally wacko? Lets have a discussion! I love having a good movie debate!


New Zealand // Wellington :: Boy + Bear

This is from a while back when me and Kristy went to Wellington to see Boy and Bear.
I love that I had someone to go to the concert with me who is an equally as bigger fan than I am. 
Dont get me wrong, I would of gone on my own, but its nice to share your favourite things with people haha! So we travelled all the way down to Wellington for the night (about 6 hours) on the over night bus. It was a bit cramped and probably not the best bus ride I've ever been on.
But Wellington was totally worth it. We crashed at Kristy's familys house for a few hours and then they took us for a little mini tour so I could see Wellington from above.
It was pretty awesome to see how the city is nestled between two massive mountain ranges with the sea and harbour surrounding it. It reminded me of a Studio Ghibli film, the way it was played out and all the houses were built almost on top of it. We went for a little stroll through the Botanical Gardens and then Me and Kristy headed off into the centre to grab some food before the show (also the street art in Wellington is awesome!)

Boy and Bear were amazing, as usual. They played and amazing set! Probably the best one so far? I think it might be because I got to see them so close to there home, and the new album material was awesome and it was just a great atmosphere. The only problem was it was seated!? Why!? Unless your going to see classical music, a gig should always be standing....how do you dance otherwise?! After the gig we snook round the back to see if we could catch them leaving AND WE DID!! We met Dave and it was amazing! He was so lovely and chatted to us for a while, asking us where we came from and if we enjoyed the gig. I pretty much stared at him and smiled creepily. Im really bad when I meet famous people, I always try tell myself to not get weird but I just freak out haha!

So yeah it was a really awesome time away, cant wait to go back soon and spend a little more time there. There is so much LOTR movie locations around Wellington, we need to go back to just to geek out a little!