New Zealand // Aratiatia Rapids

Today we went to see the damn open at Aratiatia Rapids and it was awesome! The rivers really low usually an it looks so beautiful with all the rocks and the trees. It was amazing to see the damn open and the river gradually fill up and make the rapids (theres a little video on my Instagram!). This is the place where they filmed the barrel scene in The Hobbit so it was pretty exciting to see it, cause I'm a super nerd! This place is so incredible, everything I see just makes me go WOW!

I am so super behind on posts its insane, so much from the summer I still have to sort through and post about, I'll get round to doing it soon I think. There are just so many photos! We've also set a date for traveling the south island which is so exciting! We're finally getting to see more of this awesome country, instead of staying in one place haha!

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