New Zealand // 10 Stupid Things I Miss Whilst Travelling

Here is a list of all the stupid things that I miss back home. The other day we were all talking about stuff that we miss and I realised most of us miss foods, there are so many things that NZ have never heard off or just cant get over here. I try not think about the things I miss because its those little things that seem to make me the most home sick, which is really stupid! Why would not having Prawn Cocktail crisps make me home sick?! It also makes you realise how much you like the stuff when you can have it anymore haha! So here my list of 10 silly things that I miss:

My Clothes - I think this is my most ashamedly vain thing I've ever missed. I miss my clothes. I miss opening my wardrobe every morning and being able to pick an outfit out of a gazillion items (yes I own a lot of clothes) and then trying on several things before your happy. I miss being able to be an Emo-goth one day and then a 50's pin up the next and a slob the next day. Traveling sucks for outwards self expression. Its great for finding who you are, and who you supposed to be, and all that hippy dippy stuff. I've learnt things about myself that I would never off if id of stayed home BUT I am not my normal self when it comes to visually expressing my inner crazy. The clothes I brought with me, were for comfort and ease, the clothes I've bought out here are not what I would choose back home. I miss my clothes, mainly my black and white stripy dungarees!

Chocolate - Specifically Cadbury and Galaxy. Cadburys is not the same in NZ (its disgusting!) and Galaxy doesn't even exist! If I'd of know I would do Ripple-less for a year I would of come better prepared. Luckily I have suppliers who send me regular shipment (thanks nan!)

My Toys - I miss my action figures and and my pokémon and my teddies. This is a really stupid one I think but hey, the heart wants what the heart wants. Theres a games store in town and every time I go past all the Funk Pops call out my names and the Adventure Time plushies reach for me to hold them. I must resist. But you can bet your ass when I get home I'm heading straight to Forbidden Planet and I'm just going to buy everything!

Prawn Cocktail Crisps - Yet another of my favourite things that does not exist here! NZ you let me down! For a country that is so into their sea food...how is Prawn Cocktail crisps not a thing?!

Shopping - Oh God I miss shopping! I always new I was a shopaholic but since not being able to do it (although I have been naughty a few times!) I realised how bad I actually am. Its embarrassing, my inability to not buy things is. Luckily, were I live, there is like 2 shops and they're not very good, and also I work all the time so I dont have time go in, so its not that bad, but I went to Auckland the other day and it was torture! I specifically miss Urban Outfitters and Top Shop, although I did find a Top Shop in Auckland, but its expensive in England imagine how much it will be over here...I didn't even go in.

My Nanas Toast - My nan makes the best toast in the whole wide world. I've not been very well the last week or two and I've missed have her make me toast and tea like she does when I'm ill. lovely brown bread drenched in butter......mmmmmm.

Bacon - This is so cliché (I don't ever like bacon all that much) but NZ bacon is shit. Theres no other word. So yeah, I miss bacon!

Dr Pepper - So you can actually get Dr Pepper here but its not that easy to find, and it wasn't until a week or so ago that I found it, so I still miss DrP but its not become as dire a situation and the Prawn Cocktail Crisps has.

My Records - And player....Theres a really awesome music store in town and its torture to walk past. It pretty much sells just vinyl, and I really want to have a good root through all the boxes and shelves but I know Id find some gems and theres no way id be able to get them home without breaking them.

Going the cinema - This is a bit of a silly one, we go the cinema here all the time. Its a really cute little cozy cinema and I love it, its sort of old worldly, like cinemas back in the 90's. I miss home cinema more because of the people I went with. I had a little group of cinema friends who I would go with and then we would spend ages afterwards discussing every single thing in immense detail haha! So basically I miss my friends!

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