Movie Review // The Huntsman: Winters War

I was naughty and watched this online (I know, its really bad, just give me a slap on the wrist) but to be honest, Im glad. I would of been really disappointed if I paid to see this. I really loved the first one. I remember getting out the cinema and thinking that it was one of the best movies id seen that year, even though it had Kristen Stewart in it. The SFX were amazing and the film was visually stunning, it was gritty and dirty and apart from some dodgy accents, it was really well acted, Charlize Theron was incredible!

Unfortunately I cant say the same for this film. The visuals were equally as good, I could watch these films on silent and just look at them and be happy. Theres a bit with the Mirror and it pools on the floor and its all molten gold and its so good, its mesmerising. Same with the forest bit in the first one...that was such a beautiful sequence. The costumes in these films are amazing too, the attention to detail is incredible! I would love to get my hands on one or two of the Evil Queens dresses.

Its definitely the people who let this film down. I don't know if its the same director or writers, but it didn't have the same feel about it and it just didn't work. The whole film felt forced and awkward, the accents were even more terrible than the first film, and I don't know why they chose the actors they did (sorry Chris! I still love you!). It was like they tried to make it into a light hearted, almost funny film and it just didn't go with the whole story/feel of the film. I really liked the story and the mash-up of Snow White and The Snow Queen stories, I thought that was really good, if a little Frozen-esque, it could of been amazing and its really annoying that it wasn't.

Charlize stole the show again, and she should of been in it way more, she plays that role so well! Emily Blunt was good, but I did feel like she was kind of in the shadow of Charlize, which I suppose went with the story. I just feel like they didn't really know what they were doing, and they tried so hard to copy the magic of the first one and they just didn't quite get there. It wasn't all bad, and I probably would watch it again and probably get it on DVD, but I am glad I didn't go the cinema, although I do feel like I had high expectations and others would probably really enjoy the film. Thats all I have to say about this film really, its wasn't anything special but it was alright.

Im really looking forward to the next few months and the films that are coming out, Suicide Squad (yes!), Sausage Party (hell yes!), X-Men (undecided) to name but a few!

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