New Zealand // Tawhai Falls: Gollums Pool

Okay. Im completely giving up on doing this day by day because a) I suck at daily blogging, b) we don't always do 'interesting' things everyday, c) I'm getting too mixed up with my days, d) Aint no one got time for that shit! So here we go with just doing posts by event, hopefully I can keep on top of it a bit more!

We took a little road trip the other day to Tawhai Falls in the Tongariro National Park. Its about 1 hour drive out of Taupo. The drive was beautiful, the trees here are huge and driving through the mountains and cliffs near the lake are awesome (and terrifying!) to drive on. When we got to waterfall some one said it was the place where they filmed the scene in Two Towers where Gollum catches the fish and sings his little rhyme. It was awesome! We have officially visited our first LoTR filming location. Unfortunately we had just got new tattoos and they were still healing, so we couldn't swim, but some of the other guys did and it looked amazing! The water was freezing but I would of given anything to go in and swim under the waterfall. We will definitely be back to have a swim and hopefully it will be a little bit warmer because the sun decided to go in as we got there and it was a little chilly sat on the rocks! It was such an awesome day, probably one of the best days so far, just for random fun adventures.

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