New Zealand // Day 6: The Waikato River Float

So I am super duper behind on posting!! Its actually day 10 in New Zealand so its like 4 days out...so much for posting everyday! Day 6 was pretty awesome though. We did the Waikato River Float, where you start at one part of the river, hop on some floatation device (mine was Little Joe the shark) and then let the current carry you down river till you get to the Hot Springs. The sun was baking and the sky was so clear, it was beautiful! I did manage to get a stripe of sun burn on my back were I obviously didn't go down far enough with the sun cream, and I got a mega migraine later that night from too much sun and not enough water, but it was totally worth it! The scenery was epic, I kept just looking around and being like....woah. This is awesome and Lord of the Ring-sy! We had such a good time, I've not laughed like that for ages, and I couldn't believe how clear the water was, you could see right down to the bottom of the river. I wish I'd take a few underwater pictures too, but the current was moving too fast and we had a hard enough time getting off at the rocks half way round. We did manage it with the help of some very lovely snorkelers who pretty much dragged us the rest of the way round. I cant wait to do it again soon! The weather has been a bit up and down so hopefully we'll get a nice day again soon! I didn't take any pictures at the Hot Pools, but they were pretty awesome. They were a little too hot on such a hot day but so cool to sit in, the water is like hot on top and cold underneath so you have cold legs but the your body is warm, its so weird! I tried to get closer to the waterfall bit but it was too hot! we will have to go back when its a little more cold.

Keep exploring xox

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