New Zealand // Day 5: Huka Falls

This has probably been my favourite day so far. It was everything I had hoped New Zealand would be before I got here. We hiked up to Huka Falls which is just out of town. The sun was out and it was so hot, but so nice! I got to use my camel pack which was fun, although it took a bit of getting used to! The scenery was amazing! Like I actually felt for the first time like 'I'm in New Zealand for real, this is crazy!' Every time I turned a corner on the trek I had to stop and look around and take a picture. I actually just said the guys to not wait for me because I knew I'd take for ever (I was also wearing new hiking boots, which is not a good idea!) The Waikato River is amazing! It is so huge, and the water is so clear, you can see right to the bottom. I've never seen anything like it in real life. Its beautiful! And the hike along it is really nice too. Its not too difficult, but in the sun and the heat it was a little tuff, but its so nice and nature-y (is that a word? It is now!) I loved it! I actually wasn't feeling 100% that day, I had a really annoying cough which isn't great when your hiking in the heat and humidity. It felt like I was breathing soup! (sorry for all the pictures, I couldn't help myself!)
When we got back into town, we did a quick change and ran to the lake where we had a much needed dip in the water. It was so refreshing, it felt amazing! I got to use my camera again which was fun, although Im still not sure how to use it properly. We tried to do that thing where you throw it in the air and it takes a picture of everyone but I failed miserably, also were pretty bad at volley ball. I did have a little geek moment though were I was sunbathing by the lake looking out at the mountains and I just though 'holy shit that's Mordor!' haha! Its so insane! For dinner went to Lake House again, this time I had the burger which was amazing! Probably one of the nicest burgers i've had anywhere. And to top the day off beautiful the sun set was fuckin awesome! I've never seen a sky like it before, everyone was getting up put their seats to take photos of it, it was amazing!

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