New Zealand // Day 4: Taupo

Yesterday was another lazy day for us. I got up super early again (annoying!) so decided to get out and explore a bit on my own rather than stay indoors. It was really sunny but so cold, the wind was insane. I had a look around town and in some of the shops, its not a huge town and the shops aren't that great which is probably a good thing. It means I have nothing to spend my money on haha! I went down to the lake front to look at the mountains and the lake. It was so beautiful and blue, the view here is incredible, I could get used to it for sure. Hollie was up when I got home so we went out to Dixie Browns for lunch. I totes forgot to take pictures but I had the Chicken Sandwich and it was amazing! Pretty much every where we've eaten has been amazing, it seems Kiwi's now their food (although saying that, most of the people here are english haha!)

In the afternoon we went shopping for some running shoes for me. There's something about being here that makes me want to get healthy, maybe its the amount of time we spend in bikinis and in the lake and sun, or the healthy food that they have everywhere, but I want to run, so I'm gonna run. Later on we met up with Rieke for coffee at the Spoon + Paddle and then Hollie had work at 5 so I just went back to the flat and chilled out. Im not feeling to hot at the moment, I think the plane germs have caught up with me, my throat is raw and I've hurt my ribs from coughing too much. So I just took it easy and had some time to myself, watch a movie, listened to some music and ate chocolate.

It looks like the weather is finally getting better though so hopefully we will be able to do something for the rest of the week. On Saturday, its one of the other girls birthdays and some of the other guys last nights so Hollies going out with them all and Im night portering all on my lonesome for the first time! Hopefully I won't screw it up!

Keep Exploring xox

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