Currently // Vol: 21

Loving: Living in Taupo. Its so beautiful here and peaceful and amazing. I love it. I love that I'm here and I love that I had the courage and balls to go get my dream. WOOH!

Hating:  Thats its raining! I was promised sun sun sun and all I've got is rain rain rain, and humidity and frizzy hair. 

Thinking about: The people back home. All thats missing is being able to come home at the end of the day and talk to my mum about all the adventures I'm having. I don't miss home at all, but I miss the people like crazy.

Anticipating: My sky dive! I dont know when I'm doing it but Im so excited! 

Listening to: Post Modern Jukebox. Hollie had never heard of them so were just listening to everything on youtube, and I kinda miss work (or rather the people there) so I feel a little less work-sick (is that a thing?!) 

Eating: Everything! I am so hungry...all...the...time. But mostly chocolate. In NZ they have Hokey Pokey Chocolate which is just honey comb but its amazing! 

Reading: Not much, I've not had time, but I've bought the Wolf Woman book with me so I'm gonna get stuck in to that again soon, and my friend wants me to read The Power of Now so ill be reading that soon I think!

Wishing: That I lived in New Zealand permanently. Its awesome!

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