Hula Hooping // Take 1

 I think I'm on week 2 of taking up Hooping and let me just say, Its awesome! I am having so much fun doing it, I just find my self laughing the whole time, and just shaking my hips back and forth with a huge grin on my face. I feel like a kid again, but one who is going to have amazing toned tummy and a pretty awesome hobby too. Usually when I take up something or trying something that could potentially be shown in front of others, the thought of 'performing' with an audience terrifies me. I went to acting class when I was younger and I loved it, until opening night came and then I froze and I hated it. I love to draw and create things, but if anyone asks to see them, its a big fat NO (probably one of the reasons I did so crap in my degree). I don't care what people think about me or what I do, but that doesn't mean I want people to tell me their opinions. But this feels different, I cant wait to get to a level where I will feel comfortable enough to go the park and just Hoop, or out with friends.

I ordered a new hoop of eBay from Jessica Penny Hoops. I did a bit of research before I chose her, she was from the UK, so that meant cheap postage, she did custom hoops, where she took your measurements and what colours you like ect, and she also had some cool videos on youtube, so I knew she knew what she was talking about. She was really lovely girl, and I feel confident that she's gonna make me a great hoop! Im super excited to get it some time next week. The hoop I have is really really not right, so I cant really progress much more than I have. I am able to keep in up more than 3 spins round the body though, so thats something! I think my record so far, is nine, which sounds pathetic, but I have only been at it 2 weeks and the hoop isn't right. (I hope thats it anyway and I don't just completely suck at it!?) So at the moment I'm just sort of trying to get better at keeping it up, and also doing some exercise moves too, to get my strength up and tone up a bit. I did about 40 mins session today, and I sweated more and I felt it more than I do when I do a session at the gym. I've decided to actually quit the gym. I need to save for NZ but I've decided to have only hooping (and maybe some running) as my main exercise. I think I might have put a little bit of pressure on myself, but I  feel confident that I'm going to stick at it. My goal is to fit into my bridesmaid dress in December with out getting it altered. I only need to loose maybe an inch of my waist, but I'd like to go past that and really try as hard as I can to get fit with hooping.

I'm gonna try and do little videos of my progress, mostly for my own use, but also to show you guys exactly what its like to start from the beginning. One of the things that I always find not helpful on tutorial videos, or workshops, is you never get a sense of how long it took them to get to that point. I always feel really frustrated that they're usually just like "just do this, its so easy, here let me show you how to do this really simple manoeuvre with my 10 years experience that makes it look super easy, and makes you feel like an idiot for not being able to do it even though you literally only just started like 2 hours ago". You don't see the 5 months practise before they mastered it and how they started from the very beginning. So I'm gonna change it! This is my first week at hooping, its awful, I cant keep the hoop up, I'm so uncoordinated and you can tell that I don't feel quite right doing it, I look chubby and I didn't realise my chins were that large...BUT its the beginning, and this is how I'm going to notice the change. (also this was taken a few days ago, todays session something just clicked and I can keep it up longer. But I thought it was important to post this anyway!) So here it is... 
I've got the week off this week (woo hoo!) so I'm gonna do absolutely nothing. Except hoop. All the time. Everyday, and hopefully my new hoop will get here soon!! What are you guys doing this week? Are any of you going back to school?

Toodles xox


New Zealand Bound // Mountain Warehouse and Millets Haul

It seems that all the hiking and camping shops in my hometown are closing down, it sucks. Its great for my trip to New Zealand, because it means I can get all the things I want for cheap, but I hate that shops are closing down left right and centre. The last few weeks I've managed to get a good little pile of things to take to NZ with me.
Hydro Bag Giant Micro Towel Shorts Trek Convertible Trousers Trousers Spork Dry Bag Peter Storm Walking Boots Torch Eye Light Adapter

I managed to get some new boots which are awesome! My old ones are a little worse for wear and really heavy, these new ones are really comfy, light and breathable, perfect for hiking those New Zealand Mountains.

I also got some hiking shorts and trousers, and some of those zip off short/trouser things. I don't want to take too much with me as ill be carrying it with me for a whole year, so buying hiking clothes seemed like the best option. They are super comfy, and look pretty good with also being practical (how grown up of me)

I managed to save a ton of money on a bag because a family member has lent me hers to take with me, so I thought id buy myself a hydro bag for hiking up the mountains. Its so stupid but i've always wanted one, but never done any 'serious' hiking to warrant getting one, but it was cheap and I thought it would come in handy.

I was told to get a giant micro towel because they're super easy to dry and dry yourself with and they pack up really small for travelling too. They came in really boring colours so I got a green one, Pink would of been preferable, but I suppose this one won't show up dirt so much haha!

I got some little accessories too like a spork, a little torch, a book light with a really cool flexible 'arm' which will attach to anything, a dry bag to put all my valuables in when we go caving/kayaking/swimming etc and a NZ/USA/Canada plug adapter.  

Theres still a few things that I want to get like a fanny pack/bum bag and a first aid kit, a nice journal to write in and things like that. I haven't really thought much about anything else I want to take with me, but I'm slowly piling things in the corner of my room so I keep things separate. It'll be summer when I go, so as it gets to winter here I'm putting my summer clothes that I want to take but not going to wear again in the pile. I still need to pay for the rest of my flights but I've got my VISA and my bus pass so thats a start! I cant believe how fast time is flying by, I'm getting slightly nervous now, but my excitement is definitely winning out! As ever, please please please comment, email if you have any suggestions and tips!

Toodles xox


Childs Play // Dot-to-dot 2

I did another one of the pages in the 1000 Dot-to-dot Animals book by Thomas Pavitte. I seriously love this book, its so much fun to do! I had a bit of a clue what this one was before I started it, I think the cluster around its eyes kinda gave it away. I think its so cleaver how he creates the detail, when I'm half way through I'm thinking how on earth is this supposed to end and look good. The dots go all over the place, but when its finished it looks awesome! The only pen I had was a green biro which I really didn't like using, but it looks kind of cool i suppose. The lighting was awful when I was doing it so the pictures aren't great. I tried to take a picture after ever hundred dots because after ever hundred they change colour to make it easier for you to see where your up to. Although this one was tricky because there was a big cluster of similar colours and I kept making mistakes. The great thing is though that you would never know where the mistakes are (I think he said he designed them that way too which is cool!) I cant wait to get to the fox one! And I'm hoping for a whale or a sloth too! I might try and do a hyper lapse video of me doing one too, so you can see how long it takes to do one. I'll have to take the sound off though because I have to say the numbers as I'm doing it, so me sitting there dot-to-dotting 1000 dots might get a little bit annoying. I even annoy myself when I do it! I really really want to try his Querkles book. Im not that keen on colouring famous people but if he ever does an animal one or something that would be amazing! I might get it anyway just to give it a go, they would make pretty cool presents for people. I'll be posting the next one soon because I cant stop doing them. They're perfect for passing the time on these gross rainy days we seem to be getting every. single. day.


Birthday Fun Times // Chaphraya

Thursday was Matts birthday, the big 4.0! So on Saturday mum organised a surprise birthday meal for him. We went to Chaphraya and had a Culinary Skill Class which was awesome! We got taught how to make Chicken Spring Rolls, Thai Green Curry and Coconut Banana Pudding, it was all so yummy! We had such a great time! The chef was amazing, he was so funny and lovely. I loved making the Spring Rolls, they were so easy to make and they tasted delicious! We paired off for each of the courses and the second course I was with mum, we sort of messed up our curry, it was a sort of mustard curry instead of green. It tasted good thought haha! We got to take our aprons and chefs hats home and the things we'd cooked. We ended up making about 30 Spring Rolls each so I think ill be eating them and nothing else for the next few days. Also, it totally looks like I'm naked underneath the apron, which caused a lot of laughs through out the day! After dinner we went to the Titanic Hotel on the Liverpool dock road for cocktails. The hotel was awesome, and they had a gin bar, which made me very happy. It was such a great day, and made my long weekend off work that much better.

Today Im meeting my best friend for lunch and shopping. I am beyond excited to see her as I don't think I've seen her properly since January!? We have so much to catch up on and chat about. I miss her so much when I don't see her, but we have one of those friendships that if we don't see each other for ages, we can pick up right where we left off, and its great.

Hope your all having a great weekend

Toodles xox


New Zealand Bound // Bucket List: Vol 1

It is slowly dawning on me that I really don't have a lot of time till New Zealand. Like no time at all really. Its scary! I keep thinking of things that I need to do and things I want to do and slightly panicking about fitting it all in! I found this amazing site, 100% Pure New Zealand which is giving me so many ideas and helping me decided what I want to do, so I thought I would do a little Bucket List of things that I hope to do, that way If any of you have done them you can tell me if it was any good, and also so I have a list write down somewhere because I can guarantee when I get there I'll forget!

The idea of going in a cave scares the hell out of me! I hate them, I don't know why, because when I was a kid I loved them. I don't know what happened between then and now, but I am determined to conquer the fear on this trip! When I went to America I was going to face the fear at Mammoth Cave but I never got a chance to go. So hopefully I can head on over to Waitomo Caves and see if I can survive one of the three 4 hour expeditions into the depths of the eeeeaaarrth!

Photo By Colin Montheth
I love riding my bike, and I really don't want to stop riding while I'm over there, so id love to hire a bike and do some the bike trails around the islands. Trouble is most of the trails are 4-6 days long, and I don't fancy biking with my bag on my back for 6 days! But riding around with those mountains to look at would be just an amazing experience! Hopefully Ill be able to hire a bike to ride round the towns I'm staying in and maybe do little mini adventures?

I would really really love to do the Six Feet Down Under Grave Tour. I hate watching scary movies, but I love to hear ghost stories and doing spooky things and going on a weird ghost walk in the middle of the night sounds awesome!

Photos from the Pasifika Website
I really really want to go to the Pasifika Festival, it looks like such an amazing time! It would be amazing to see all the South Pacific culture in one huge event! It looks amazing from all the pictures I've seen of it, not sure when its on, but I hope it happens when I'm over there!

If anyone has any awesome ideas for adventures and things to see, let me know in the comments bellow!

Toodles xox


New Hair // Pink Is Best

Im just gonna give you heads up now, that this is totally a -self love/I'm awesome/look at how cool I am- post...

I got my hair done again by Cassie Eveson, my amazing, magical hairdresser. I seriously love everything she does to my hair, and she always 'gets' what I want to do haha! I absolutely love it! Its so pink and swooshy and awesome! I loove the undercut, and the fact that its gone back to my natural colour again. I loved having all pink hair but I think the contrast makes the pink even better. If feel so 'punk-y' haha! You know when you feel crappy and not yourself, well now I feel normal and like Im myself again. I've always felt 'normal' with coloured hair, and I cant wait to try some other colours when I go off on my travels. Pink is the only colour I can really get away with at work, but I really want to try a mermaid green or a lilac-y-blue. 

So what do you think? You likey? What colours do you think I should try out next?