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This weeks #URBANWILDSTYLECHALLENGE was Jurassic Park/World themed which was pretty much the best theme my dear Lori could of picked. We both share a passion for all things dinosaur (and unicorn) so Im pretty sure were going to ace this week. I was really stuck for who to pick as inspo but I was feeling pretty rock-goth the day I shot this so I went for the sultry sexiness that is Jeff Goldblum. I don't think I pulled it off as well as he did because I'm not lying, shirt open on a map table, but maybe next time I will. I really love this outfit, its my go-to at the moment. It's really easy to wear and I love the style of it. I didn't think these pants would be any good because my legs are a little chubby, but it only bulges out the holes slightly so I don't mind haha! I've also been looking for a long wide knit jumper for ages and I finally found this one a few weeks back. It's so comfy but a little chilly in the wind. Also can we just take a moment to appreciate my insanely windswept hair! I totes didn't realise it was like this until I uploaded the pics a few days later, I think It looks kinda cool though, sort of 80's punk-esque.

I love these shoes! Im not really a heel girl but these chunky ones make it so comfy to walk and really easy. I have really stupid feet that means if I wear small stiletto style heels I go over on them because my feet are sort of slanted (if you get me?!) so it the heels need to be the same width as my feet. Which isn't a big deal at the moment because thats the style, it just means I have to do all my shoe shopping now, darn it! My dinosaur jewellery collection is one of my pride and joys, I have some ear rings and a few more necklaces and rings, but because Im house sitting I didn't have them with me (sad times). True Story: The dino ring is off of a cake. The bakery round the corner from my house sells little cupcakes for children and they have little toys stuck on the top of them. I went one day and saw they had this dino ring so I asked for a cupcake and the lady went to pick up a barbie one, and I was like "no....the dino one please", she thought I was so weird, but I got my ring and she got a sale haha. The cake was gross but you cant have everything!

Im so glad its the weekend,  this week has been totally crazy. I would just like to forget it ever happened and move on, Sunday is tomorrow and Im hoping its at least a little bit sunny so we can go out for fathers day, and spend some quality family time together. We haven't got much planned because were going away next weekend, so that sort of mine and dads thing, so I think tomorrow we might just go to the park or something. What are you doing to celebrate all your pops? I hope your going to spoil them all rotten!?

Peace Out x x


31 Day Blog Challenge // Day 5

10 Songs You Love Right Now

Here are my 10 songs I love right now. Its a healthy mix of oldies and goodies. I get very stuck on songs and tend to latch on to two or three at a time and listen to them till my ears bleed. But there a few songs that I listen to all the time anyway, that have always stuck with me and I just cant get rid of them. I'm really bummed at the moment too because my record player just suddenly stopped working (sad times) so I haven't been able to listen to half these songs because I only have them record. I know theres youtube and suff but I feel like i'm cheating on my record player haha! 

1. Hozier: Jackie and Wilson

2. James Bay: Best Fake Smile

3. Taylor Swift: Out Of The Woods

4. Paramore: Proof

5. DJ Khaled: All I Do Is Win

6. John Denver: Country Roads

7. Iggy Azalea: Trouble

8. Avicii: The Nights

9. Sia: Elastic Heart

10. David Guetta ft. Sia: Titanium


Keep It Real // Real Life vs Fantasy Land

This is me. This is what I look like everyday. Do you ever scroll through Instagram or down your blog feed and think, I wish I was like him/her. I wish I had those clothes, that hair, those DIY skills, that's bathroom. I do. 




Every day on my lunch break I spend the whole half hour scrolling through Instagram and wishing I was like the girls I follow. They're so glamorous and flawless, the clothes they wear are so cool and their hair is perfect. There lives are just perfect, and I want that. 

In work there are mirrors everywhere, and everyday I catch myself looking at my reflection and thinking 'ugh, I look awful today. I wish I was like them other girls' and you know what, I probably am. But I don't see their day to day lives, I see the good bits that they want to share. I see the right angle that they know is good for their face. I see the outfit that they've created to 'show off' their style. I see the 100 attempt at a DIY at finally went right. I see the end result of a room that's taken weeks to paint and get perfect. 

I don't wear makeup to work, it's too hot for that and I get too messy. I wear all black men's clothes because their cooler (as in less hot!) than women's. I wear big clumpy work boots and I don't style my hair and I'm not allowed to wear accessories. I look awful at work, I look in the mirrors and I think I look like a man, but I'm in work, in a kitchen, hidden from the world baking my ass off with my hands in flour an butter up to the elbows. I'm not supposed to look glamorous and perfect, I'm suppose to look like I'm ready to work. An that's what I have to keep telling myself. If I was suddenly plonked in the day-to-day lives of these girls that I envy so much what would I see? Probably someone sat infront of a computer with no make up, still in her pjs with a messy bun on top he head. Or a person in messy painting clothes  or covered in bits of paper and glue. No one posts pictures of the nitty gritty parts of life, it's not exciting, it's not fun.

I love that half hour of looking at all these lovely ladies and their amazing lives. It gives me inspiration and determination, so when I get home or have a day off, I want to do my hair nice, wear my 'cool' clothes, maybe even try that DIY that I've had stashed on my Pinterest board for 3 years. It's not a bad thing that's these girls select the 'pretty' parts of life to show us (heck, I do it too) it's inspirational and happy, the problem is when you start comparing yourself to them in a negative way, because I'm never gonna be like them. I'm not them. I'm me, and I do things differently to them, and that's what makes it awesome! Who knows, maybe they look at me And think 'wow, she's cool, I love her style and her hair is super awesome'


Threads // Wolves Will Rise

'Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise'

I've done an outfit post and I love it! I've missed dressing up and taking pictures, but now its all sunny and finally summery, its been much easier to get out and take some pics. My America twin and bestie Lori, who blogs over at Urban Wilderness, has started the most perfect style challenge on Instagram, which has given me the perfect excuse to make some effort once a week and get out of my work clothes or pyjamas. I missed the first week but I was all over week two, festival style...hell yeah! It's a great idea, she picks a style/theme each week and you have to recreate it with your own style/spin/inspiration. This weeks one is Jurassic Park themed, which is awesome! I loved this Festival style one though. I had bought the crop top and kimono a few weeks before, and this was the first time I had worn them.

Flower Crown::Urban Outfitters // Necklace::Me&You // Crop Top::TKMaxx // Vest Crop::Forever 21 //  Kimono::H&M // Shorts::Republic // Boot::Minnetonka

The past week I've started going the gym more. I didn't like my legs in these pictures and its spurred me on to get things toned up and less lumpy haha! I've also decided to try the BooTea detox thing. If Thrive was cheaper and more accessible in the UK id be all over it, but after looking in to the BooTea  I've decided to give it a go. Its basically a Tea detox. You have one drink in the morning and one at night, and it flushes all the gross toxins out of your body, obviously coupled with healthy eating and exercise its supposed to be really good for you and help you loose weight healthily. You can get all sorts of other stuff with it too like shakes and vitamins and things, but I think I'm just going to start with the tea. I've really enjoyed going the gym. Today I did 20 minuets on the cross trainer whilst watching Digimon haha! Tomorrow I'm going to give the gym a miss and just do a bit of swimming and test out my new costume.

The weather has been so nice this past week, hopefully it will stay nice for my day off on Thursday and I can get this weeks Style Challenge shot. If you fancy following along with the challenge just look on urban_wilderness page to see the challenge then just use #urbanwildstylechallenge with your pics so we can all see your inspiration.

Peace out xx