Look What I Found // 31 Day Blog Challenge

Yesterday I was browsing all my past posts from the very beginning (5 YEARS!) because I realised I forgot my blog birthday. It was cool to look back on how much I've changed and how much has actually happened over the last 5 years. I also came across this blog challenge that I failed miserably at and thought it would be fun to give it another go. It will be cool in another 5 years time I can look back on both of them and see how different they were. I don't have a very good track record of keeping up to date with blog posts, or keeping things running for an extended period of time but I'll give it a go. Maybe I won't post on consecutive days, but ill try and go the full 31 days! There were a few other posts and features that I miss doing too, like Themed Thursdays and my book/movie reviews back when it was called Books, Art and Sci Fi (remember that?!) Maybe I'll try and resurrect some of them and see if I can't get this blog running properly again. Its a bit stop and start at the moment, and Id like to get into a flow of posting more regularly.

 Today I'm super busy! I hate it when your days of end up being busier than your work days. Ive got a docs appointment in the morning, then a massage (I've been going every two weeks to get the mahoosive knots out my shoulders!), then lunch with my mum and cousin, then on to the hairdressers to get it cut and coloured again and finally to go see the family in the evening. Hopefully ill find time to start the blog challenge too, or maybe ill just crash on the couch and watch Big Bang Theory all night and eat copious amounts of chocolate.

Hope you have a great Thursday! Let me know if you've followed along from the very beginning and wish that you could see some post or feature again? Or if your new what would you like to see more of? I really enjoyed yesterdays video post so some suggestions on things you'd like to see on future vlogs would be most welcome.

Love and Hugs x


My Little Box // Vlog


The other day I decided to get a little crazy and do something I have been too scared to do before. A VLOG! How exciting!! I'm a little apprehensive about posting this because Its totally out of my comfort zone and I feel like a total weirdo, but hey ho, try everything once right?! I like watching other peoples video blogs because its really weird to listen to someone talk after reading their voice in your head for years, and I wondered if anyone out there had ever thought about what I actually sound like. Well I certainly wondered and I was really freaked out watching it back. I had no idea that I spoke the way I do! I sound totally different in my head, it was quite surreal. But anyway....

I've decided to review my subscription box to My Little Box. Its a monthly beauty box that I love! I've wanted to review it for a while now, and thought a video review would be a fun and interesting way to do it. If anyone has any tips on video blogging that would be awesome!

Please excuse the sniffing and general not-knowing-what-im-doing stuttering. As I said, its my first time. And also Its all backwards and I don't know how to change it round!! Here goes...

I seriously love getting this little treat every month. Its like having a birthday 12 times a year haha! This box was probably the best as in I loved everything in it. Usually there is something that I'm not that keen on but they hit the nail on the head this time, I can't wait for them to announce the next box. The only thing that I find strange, is that the website where you can buy the products is French and it doesn't have an English option (that I can see) or a way to translate the page. They do say that they are working on it, so thats good! I hope you've enjoyed this post. I'll be reviewing the next box when I get it, I thought it would be cool to review it as I open it so you'll see it when I do.

(This review is not endorsed by My Little Box and I am not being paid or given anything for this post. It is all my own words and thoughts and all my own pictures and video)


Currently // Vol:16

I can't believe that my last one of these was October last year! So much has happened in that time, but I'll try to be as current as I can!

Enjoying having a tv in the bathroom!                               Listening to Rocky Horror on repeat

I went ginger! Pink to come later! 

Me and T were grown ups and went food shopping                I tried the Sbux secret menu. Twin Frapp anyone?!

Max being a total cutie! Playing hide the mouse, he was 'hiding his eyes' so we could hide the mouse for him to find 

                 Max and Me doing 'big smiles'                                 Me and T went to see the Harlem Globetrotters. Was so fun! 

Loving: The start of spring. All the blossom trees are in full bloom, and it is my favourite! Its so nice walking to work and just seeing the mass of pink everywhere. Its such a shame it only last a week or two, but I'm enjoying it while it lasts.

Hating: That the weather is that stupid 'really sunny but bitterly cold' kinda weather. The sun tricks me every morning and its always really cold, but then by the afternoon its hot and then I have my big heavy coat to carry round. Not cool weather. Not cool.

Thinking about: Travelling. I'm getting super itchy travel feet.

Anticipating: MY BIRTHDAY! It's in exactly a month and I'm throwing a party and its going to be awesome and I'm so excited!!

Listening to: At this very moment Bruno Mars is on the TV so I suppose him, but my iPod is switching between Paramore and Hozier.

Eating: Banana loaf cake. Fresh from the oven *drooool*

Reading: I have finally finished Game Of Thrones! After two years of reading It is finally over and I am soon glad! Now I can just watch it and get annoyed about how its not the same (so annoying!) So now I'm reading Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell

Wishing: The summer would get here. I'm ready for some suuun!


Adventure Time // Cumbria

This week was my week off work and I spent the first half of it in Cumbria with my Grandparents. It was so nice to get away for a few days. On the first night, my Grandpas boules club met and I asked If I could tag along. It was so much fun! I was by far the youngest one there, but I've always felt more comfortbale with people much older than me, so I was quite happy having a laugh with the old folks. I actually wasn't half bad, with a bit of practise ill be boule-ing with the best of them! I also played a hilarious game of pairs with Jenny but with Scottish words and pictures. So you match the pictures with their Scottish word counter part, I learned lots of new words that day! My favourite was 'Bahookie' which means Bottom! Hehehe!

We went for a lovely lunch at a tiny little pup called the Crossed Keys. It a Temperance pub, so it doesn't serve alcohol because back way back when in the 1800's (I think?!) landlord drowned helping a drunken person home, so the next lady took away the alcohol license and after that its just stayed that way, which is pretty cool really (not that he died, just that its stayed the same) There was a gorgeous fire place in the Parlour which you sit at and have coffee before your meal. I love little places like that in the Lakes, its like your in a time bubble, which is kind of true because Cumbria is pretty old-fashioned, and stuck in the old ways.

We went for a few walks around the Fells which was just what I needed, some brisk, fresh, country air! I love the hills. I really wish that I could move there because waking up to a view like that and being able to walk anytime you want would be amazing! I took loads of pictures on my proper camera, which I might share later on, but I loved the ones I took on my Instax. I accidentally took the cartridge out the back, so all the pictures had light leaks on them which turned out to look pretty awesome.

I've only got two days of holiday left, which is sad, but i've had such a great week off! What have you done this week? Where are some of your favourite places to go when you just wanna get away from everything?

Love and Hugs x


Easter // Lets Get Chocolate Wasted

Max definitely got chocolate wasted this Easter. It was his first proper one, where he was aware of what was happening and could actually eat chocolate. He has a dairy allergy/intolerance so I didn't think he would get that much stuff, just little dairy free chocolate bars and maybe people would buy him teddies and stuff instead, but he got s#@t loads. I didn't know you could buy so many different varieties of dairy free chocolate, especially in egg form. He was loving it, and he wolfed it down.

We went to Nan's for Sunday lunch which was lovely, and we exchanged eggs and things. I didn't get a full outfit picture, but I wore a new dress which I think is one of my new favs. I've just bought a petticoat to go underneath so maybe ill get one soon when I can get a proper outfit together. I haven't done an outfit post in ages, really need to get back into it. We hid loads of eggs around the house for Max to find, he was so cute and really enjoyed finding them all and putting them in his little basket.

The night before I went out with my friends for a quick drink. We all really needed a good glass of wine and a natter, I think all our works have been a bit stressful lately. Again I didn't get an outfit post, but I wore a new black dress (which is another fav now) so I'll have to get that one in a few weeks too! We had a great night, even though we were old ladies and only stayed out for two hours! I can't believe that we used to stay out till 5 in the morning, 3 times a week and drink ourselves stupid, where as now, half a glass of wine makes me sleepy and home time is 12. Getting old sucks! On another note, how cool is the skull ring!? I got it in Portland in the Saturday Sunday Market and Im gutted that I completely forgot to pick up a business card for the guy and I can't remember his name, because his stuff was incredible!

This week is my week off work (hallelujah!) and Im spending half of it in the lakes with my grandparents. I can't wait to get some fresh air and walk in the hills, I really hope its nice weather like it has been for the past few days. Also....Game Of Thrones starts again on Monday, YUUUUUS! I'm super super excited, although I still need to finish the last book before it starts. Luckily I won't get to watch it till Thursday so that still gives me a few more days to power through it.

What are your plans for the next week? Planning on watching GoT?

Love and hugs x


America In//Plane Journeys

I think I may have visited pretty much every state just by stopping in airports. Maybe a slight exaggeration but it certainly feels that way! Every time I go to the states I always say, 'next time I won't fly so much' but it always turns out that I fly like 10 times! Last year I flew about 14 times in 3 months and this time round it was 6 times in 2 weeks, and I hate flying! It was the worst, but we made the most of the cramped legs and travel sickness.

On our way to the airport//Sleeping through our 7 hour wait//Another wait in Amsterdam! 
Sleeping through Amsterdam//Yucky plane food...amazing packaging!//Huge ass brownie

Headphone buddies for life!

Plane-ography on the way home//Ready to stop traveling now//Double Decker Plane!!
This is probably one of my all time favourite pictures I've taken. Its super blurry and grainy but I just remember looking out the plane window and BAM! there's a mountain, it was amazing! I think its Mount Hood? Seeing the mountains in the Pacific North West was one of the highlights of the trip for me, so there will be a whole post dedicated to them at some point!

Today I got my hair cute super short and bing watched Adventure Time for a few hours. Me and T are house sitting for my friend for three months starting today, so I've made us meatballs and fries for tea and were gonna chill and watch a movie. Cant wait for three months of just hanging out together and being proper grown ups living together haha! And its through the sunny summer months which is a huge win (they have a big garden! BBQS!!) Hope your all okay and Easter was awesome for you!

Love and Hugs x