Weekend Favourites // Vol: 10

This week I've been drawn towards vegan/cruelty-free things and hearing lots of animal stories in the news, so I thought I'd do a special Animal Friendly Weekend Favourites for ya'll. Some of these things I've tried out for myself, some of them I just like the sound of. It's been on my mind for a while, about vegan/veggie-ness and trying to buy cruelty-free and sustainable products. If anyone has any recommendations about products they've tried or resources they use I would love to hear about them in the comments bellow. 

Pretty in love with these beauties.

This looks super cosy.

 thesethese or these. Please. 
 I would eat lunch out of this everyday!
These jeans look so comfy!

I love these bags

  • FINALY! It's not exactly what I would want to see happen but its a step in the right direction. 
  • Another victory for the Animal Kingdom.
  • Im all over these Ten Acre popcorn and crisps.
  • Nope. I was not on board with this, and I think its disgusting. I can see both sides to the argument but I still hate that this went on. Boo you people!
  • These are the best thing I've made in ages.
  • I live of this stuff. I maybe have 3-4 cartons a week!
  • These Nākd Bars are YUM.
  • This dog rescue story is amazing! I cant even begin to wonder how he survived (very graphic images in this post) hands down to the guy who rescued him!

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