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Well I completely failed at life this week. I haven't managed to get anything done that I wanted to (I blame the cold!) and I've just sat under my duvet on the couch watching bad movies. It doesn't sound so bad, and usually I would love to do that, but this week I had so many things on my to-do list I feel like a bit a failure! Although I did have a mammoth Christmas baking session yesterday, here the now 'Weekend Favourite' post, so I suppose it wasn't a total waste of a week. This week is crazy busy with various things. I'll have to tell you all about them next week though because there all surprises! I do have a few posts lined up for the next few days, a day trip to Chatsworth House being one of them (super fun time by the way!).

So yeah, this is just a general hello, and a catch up to see how y'all doing? Has anyone been the see the last Hunger Games yet? Me and T went on Saturday night. I enjoyed it, it was good, maybe not the best one of the bunch. My dad put it well, he said it wasn't any better than he thought it would be and it wasn't any worse. It was exactly as he imagined it, and it all happened the way he thought it would. So it was good and true to the book, but that didn't make it interesting or exciting because it felt like he'd already seen it. Which is exactly how I felt. I probably wouldn't recommend any one to see it in the cinema, I feel like it could be a wait-till-tv movie? It made me really look forward Starwars! Which will probably be the last movie that I see in the cinema before I head over to NZ!

Speaking of New Zealand I cant believe its little over a month till I go! I'm so excited to finally see my bestie because I miss her sooooooo much! She actually wrote a really awesome blog post about her time traveling (you can all read it here) and its making me all kinds of excited to start traveling again. Im so nervous about leaving everyone for such a long time and I'm going to miss everyone so much, I'm under no illusion that its going to be this amazing experience which is all sunshine and glitter. It will be tuff, I will miss everyone, I will want to come home more than once and Im not sure I'm going to make it up all the mountains that Hollies planning on climbing, but I know its going to be the best thing that I've ever done and I cant wait to get started on this awesome adventure! Just seeing all the pictures Hollie puts on FB of the stunning views and all the places she visits, were gonna have such an amazing time together! But yeah, Im super freaking out that its as close as it is...Im totally not ready yet, I still need to do my pre-pack (yes I pre-pack just to see what I still need and if I have enough space), I still need to get the rest of my flights and my insurance, I need to make sure I know where my passport is, and I still need to get my head around the fact that I'm actually going.

But before I go, its CHRISTMAAAAAAS!!! Which I think is my all time favourite time of year. I've already got my tree up, I've done lots of Christmas baking, and I'm watching all the Christmas movies  I can. Anyone else love Christmas?! I get to do the Christmas windows at work tomorrow which I always enjoy doing. Makes a change from the constant baking, and lets me use a bit of my arty-ness (well I do have a degree in it!)

So thats it for now, not much else to say really. I've got a few things coming up in the next few days so look out for them, until then....

Love and Hugs xox

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