Chatsworth house Part 1 // The Christmas Markets

The other week me and mum took a little trip to Chatsworth House in Derbyshire to do some Christmas shopping. Every year they have a Christmas Market in the grounds and you can also pay to go round the manor house which they decorate with a different theme each year (I'll do another post on the house other wise it will be an over load). The markets where amazing! They had such a great range of things on offer, hardly any stalls that were the same, although there was a lot of cheese! We love to go to the Manchester Markets but it was nice this year to go somewhere different, even if it was freezing cold and wet! We ended up getting there pretty late in the day so we were so hungry when we arrived. Luckily there was loads of foodie stalls for us to sample before we made our minds up, because food is a very serious subject.

I found the most amazing stall in the whole market....Just Wizarding!!! It was amazing! It sold all the HP merch that I want so I had to refrain from spending all my NZ money. I did get a really awesome HP bracelet as a little present to my self haha. I'll take it away with me, so its allowed right?! The lady was really weird (as you would expect) it was like she didn't want to sell anything. Any question I asked about prices she was really reluctant to tell me them. I mean, I wouldn't want to sell anything either, I'd just be like 'this is me personal collection. Its not for sale.' She did have this pretty awesome talking Sorting Hat which I totes wanted and also a make your own quill and wand set! I just wanted it all!

There was so much wood (tee hee hee) in all the stalls. Like, everywhere. Mum was happy, because anything made of any kind of wood, its like a moth to a flame. Wooden hearts especially, its become a running joke now, her house is just full of wooden hearts. I think she would have a house made of drift wood if she could...and pallets. Her car is currently full of twigs she's collected to make a twig Christmas Tree. We all blame Pinterest. These drift wood trees are pretty awesome though, the big one in the middle would look awesome in my house.

There was a really cool 3 piece band who played songs that you requested. They made everything sound so Christmasy, it was awesome. A little girl requested 'Let It Go' (of course) and they played while she danced around and everyone joined in singing, it was really good! The guy on the banjo was so happy, he just smiled and smiled and smiled. I could of sat and listened to them all day, we actually went to have lunch sat by them but as soon as we sat down they took a break, typical! 
We had hog roast for lunch which was delicious! I keep flitting between going veggie and wanting hog roast...hog roast always wins, one day I might go veggie again but it doesn't seem likely yet, especially when crackling is an option!

The shop below was my favourite I think. I've seen their stuff before, but I just love it and I really really want to get one of the busts for my wall. They do all different animals but I love the Reindeer! It look so dorky and special, like the crap taxidermy on Instagram, I think it would just make me chuckle when ever I saw it. I definitely need a pair of those badger slippers in my life, or the fox ones which I didn't manage to get a picture of but are equally as awesome. They had animal rugs for sale too which were slightly creepy but kinda cool, not sure I could have one of them staring up at me from the floor though!?

So yeah, the markets were awesome and we had such a great time! I would definitely recommend anyone to go and take a look around if you find your self that way around the Christmas period. Its worth it to just be in the grounds of the amazing House, so impressive and beautiful, but that is for another post. If you wanna have lovely people trying to force equally lovely food down your throat and make you sample all the cheese, chutneys, oils and gins you can wish for then Chatsworths the place for you.


Weekend Favourites // Vol: 11

This dress is to die for!

Take me there now

This is insane! (check out other pictures here)



  • This is everything and more.
  • Some people are so mean, I hate that this happened so close to my town, its Christmas for goodness sake!
  • I'm a little bit addicted to this game. Like, stuck to my hand, cant put it down addicted.
  • This is the most perfect memorial to someone.
  • This is fantastic news!


Just Because // Hello

Well I completely failed at life this week. I haven't managed to get anything done that I wanted to (I blame the cold!) and I've just sat under my duvet on the couch watching bad movies. It doesn't sound so bad, and usually I would love to do that, but this week I had so many things on my to-do list I feel like a bit a failure! Although I did have a mammoth Christmas baking session yesterday, here the now 'Weekend Favourite' post, so I suppose it wasn't a total waste of a week. This week is crazy busy with various things. I'll have to tell you all about them next week though because there all surprises! I do have a few posts lined up for the next few days, a day trip to Chatsworth House being one of them (super fun time by the way!).

So yeah, this is just a general hello, and a catch up to see how y'all doing? Has anyone been the see the last Hunger Games yet? Me and T went on Saturday night. I enjoyed it, it was good, maybe not the best one of the bunch. My dad put it well, he said it wasn't any better than he thought it would be and it wasn't any worse. It was exactly as he imagined it, and it all happened the way he thought it would. So it was good and true to the book, but that didn't make it interesting or exciting because it felt like he'd already seen it. Which is exactly how I felt. I probably wouldn't recommend any one to see it in the cinema, I feel like it could be a wait-till-tv movie? It made me really look forward Starwars! Which will probably be the last movie that I see in the cinema before I head over to NZ!

Speaking of New Zealand I cant believe its little over a month till I go! I'm so excited to finally see my bestie because I miss her sooooooo much! She actually wrote a really awesome blog post about her time traveling (you can all read it here) and its making me all kinds of excited to start traveling again. Im so nervous about leaving everyone for such a long time and I'm going to miss everyone so much, I'm under no illusion that its going to be this amazing experience which is all sunshine and glitter. It will be tuff, I will miss everyone, I will want to come home more than once and Im not sure I'm going to make it up all the mountains that Hollies planning on climbing, but I know its going to be the best thing that I've ever done and I cant wait to get started on this awesome adventure! Just seeing all the pictures Hollie puts on FB of the stunning views and all the places she visits, were gonna have such an amazing time together! But yeah, Im super freaking out that its as close as it is...Im totally not ready yet, I still need to do my pre-pack (yes I pre-pack just to see what I still need and if I have enough space), I still need to get the rest of my flights and my insurance, I need to make sure I know where my passport is, and I still need to get my head around the fact that I'm actually going.

But before I go, its CHRISTMAAAAAAS!!! Which I think is my all time favourite time of year. I've already got my tree up, I've done lots of Christmas baking, and I'm watching all the Christmas movies  I can. Anyone else love Christmas?! I get to do the Christmas windows at work tomorrow which I always enjoy doing. Makes a change from the constant baking, and lets me use a bit of my arty-ness (well I do have a degree in it!)

So thats it for now, not much else to say really. I've got a few things coming up in the next few days so look out for them, until then....

Love and Hugs xox


Food Review // Great John Street Hotel - Manchester

I love food. Its no secret. I think about food all the time. I eat breakfast and while Im eating it Im thinking about whats for lunch. Food is great, and when its done right it awesome. I love going to new places and trying out new foods. So I thought I would start my own food review, sharing my favourite places from around the UK and the world. 

The other week me and Mum went to Great John Street Hotel for Gentleman Jack Afternoon Tea. Its supposed to be for an afternoon tea for men, but we liked the sound of it more than the 'woman'. Were kind of doing a Afternoon Tea road-trip so I think its only fair we try every type, right?! It was amazing. The place was so cool, it is a re-furbished old School House so all the rooms are named after school rooms like 'Headmasters Room' ect. The decor was so beautiful done, all white and wood, really soft and warm, and the seats were so comfy! I could of lived there if it was a house. I didn't get a picture of the bar, but it was awesome, all reclaimed wood and glass, really rustic.

First of they took us to our seats which were up on the balcony. It would of been nice to sit down by the bar near the fire, it looked a lot cosier down there, but it was also nice to be out the way of everyone else. We sat in the corner by the window and the bookcase next to the private dining area which I had a peak in. It had its own kitchen and everything! so cool! They asked us if we had any dietary requirements (which I thought was pretty good of them!) and then bought over our Gentleman Jacks Cocktails which were. A.MAZE.ING. Probably one of the best alcoholic drinks I've ever had. I wish I'd written down what was in it! I hope mum remembers? Next they bought out the lunch. It came on a little wooden board, which I love, I think when its done right it looks really cool. We got a half scotch egg with piccalilli sauce, a small portion of fish and chips (1 piece of fish and two chips), a teeny tiny burger, a portion of chips, a chicken pie and a battered prawn with sweet chilli sauce. You wouldn't think that it was a lot but it was so filling, and so tasty.

The scotch egg, chicken pie and prawn were probably my favourites with the pie comping out on top. I took little bites of each thing to see what I liked the most, then ate them in preference order (anyone else that weird eating food?!) I just hate it when you eat your favourite thing first, Id rather end on my favourite, so I try everything first just to see. Just me? okay...moving on!

The burger was my least favourite. It didn't really taste of anything, it was nice I just wish it would of had a bit more flavour, or a sauce on it? The fish also wasn't anything special, but the chips that went with it were amazing. The scotch egg was delicious (the Piccalilli, not so much), the centre of the egg was runny and the sausage around it was very flavour-y. The Prawn was great, I've only recently started to eat them, and this was a great example of a prawn haha! The chicken pie....OH MY GOD! Heaven in a ramekin! Seriously one of the best things I've ever eaten. We both left it till the end because it was the best thing on the block. I want to go back just so I can have that again, I wonder if they do a full size version? I hope they do. I need to eat it again. 
As you can see we ate everything, licked the platter clean. I liked that they left a decent amount of time between clearing the plates and bringing out desert. Turns I probably needed a couple hours to be ready for pudding because I only ate the ice cream and even that was too much. I'm not a huge fan of cheese and crackers, but the brownie was lovely. Very rich and nutty and the ice cream was baileys flavoured. I think I personally would of preferred something more sweet instead of cheesy, maybe men prefer cheese? I don't know. Next they bought out tea and coffee. All the tea was organic which was awesome and so tasty. I had just a normal breakfast tea, but it just tasted so much better than 'normal' tea. We ended up being there for over 2 hours, which was the recommended time to have it. The staff were lovely, and made sure we had everything we needed and checked on us to make sure everything was okay. We had such a great time, and I cant wait to go back and maybe try the ladies one...but I think id have to order a gentleman jacks cocktail on the side...and a chicken pie.


Weekend Favourites // Vol: 10

This week I've been drawn towards vegan/cruelty-free things and hearing lots of animal stories in the news, so I thought I'd do a special Animal Friendly Weekend Favourites for ya'll. Some of these things I've tried out for myself, some of them I just like the sound of. It's been on my mind for a while, about vegan/veggie-ness and trying to buy cruelty-free and sustainable products. If anyone has any recommendations about products they've tried or resources they use I would love to hear about them in the comments bellow. 

Pretty in love with these beauties.

This looks super cosy.

 thesethese or these. Please. 
 I would eat lunch out of this everyday!
These jeans look so comfy!

I love these bags

  • FINALY! It's not exactly what I would want to see happen but its a step in the right direction. 
  • Another victory for the Animal Kingdom.
  • Im all over these Ten Acre popcorn and crisps.
  • Nope. I was not on board with this, and I think its disgusting. I can see both sides to the argument but I still hate that this went on. Boo you people!
  • These are the best thing I've made in ages.
  • I live of this stuff. I maybe have 3-4 cartons a week!
  • These Nākd Bars are YUM.
  • This dog rescue story is amazing! I cant even begin to wonder how he survived (very graphic images in this post) hands down to the guy who rescued him!


Weekend Favourites // Vol: 9

loving these pictures of all the misty weather we've had this week

I need this because of reasons

A tee hee hee

Love this so bad

This has got me all kinds of excited 

These are Amazing

  • These pictures are beautiful and haunting. I think we need to remember these places and never forget what happened and the people who were affected by them, but some of these are a little too close to the bone for my liking.
  • Not sure how I feel about this. Its an interesting topic though, what do you guys think?
  • Loving these disney one-liners.
  • This makes my heart go squee!