Weekend Favourites // Vol: 5

This amazing sculpture at the Burning Man Festival this year.

JiJi socks!

These painting of roller derby kisses are strangely beautiful

Kind of in love with this wall hanging.

These poor misunderstood spiders

I want the moon.

It was Mean Girls Day yesterday...but you still cant sit with us!

These Vans are beautiful.

  • Check out this awesome interview with my work colleague Ben by Alexander Petricca.
  • This is super exciting.
  • Cake goals right here. These are amazing!
  • I need this right now!
  • Qwerty have some awesome tee's at the moment
  • #medicatedandmighty
  • I'm glad I'm short!
  • This is by far the funniest thing I've read on the internet in a long time!

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