Style Challenge // His + Her

I've been wanting to do more outfit/style posts recently but have found no inspiration to get off my butt to do it. Me and T have been talking for ages about doing some joint stuff for the blog but we've hardly been able to find the time to spend time together, never mind finding time to do blog stuff, so I thought we'd kill two birds with one stone by spend time together and do blog stuff! So I headed to were all lost women go, Pinterest. I tried to find a 'couples style challenge' and I couldn't find anything! I tried every combination of words to do with 'fashion' 'couples' 'challenge' '30 day' just everything and the only thing that came up was couples fitness training programs, which isn't something we want to do. I told T that I was thinking of doing and that I couldn't find anything for 'inspiration' so we decided to create our own! It was loads of fun trying to figure out cool couples ideas, but I think we did pretty well?! My favourites are the 'Switch' and 'Music Icon' ones, I cant wait to see what we come up for them. I posted it on Instagram and Twitter with the #hisandherstylechallenge incase any of you had the same problem as us and wants to do the couples challenge with us. We'd love to see what you come up with, maybe give each other inspiration and ideas for things we wouldn't usually think of. Im super excited to get started on this, now we just need to make some time in-between work and watching movies to actually get dressed up and take some picks!  (p.s I'm sorry about the picture quality, not too sure what happened there!)

This week is gonna be so busy! My boss is off on holiday and I always feel super stressed when he's not there, but hopefully its not gonna be too bad and I don't get too stressed! Im pretty excited to have my day off on Thursday though, because Im going for lunch with my grandparents, and I always have such a great time with them. Hopefully ill get time to get some good pictures too if we go for a walk in the woods or something.

Hope you all have a great week!

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