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Me, T and Mum went to go see The Martian the other day and it was amazing! I'm picking and choosing my cinema trips at the moment because of the who saving money thing, but T treated me because this was one of those films that I reeeeaaaly wanted to see but it wasn't essential. I am SO glad that we went because I loved it! As the guy behind us was continuously saying all. the. way. through. the. entire. movie.


And it was wow. The visuals were amazing, but you cant expect anything else from a Ridley Scott movie. The wide shots of Mars were just stunning, and the landscape shots of sunsets and mountains were unbelievable. It wasn't what I was expecting at all. I assumed it would be like all the other space movies out recently, full of tension and drastic things happening and people getting killed and lost in space craziness. I was pleasantly surprised. There was tension, and lost in space-ness, no one died but there was blood and wounds. It just didn't feel like a 'hopeless' film. Gravity was hopeless. I felt hopeless watching it and I didn't feel happy after it finished. Interstellar was intense. Like so intense! I feel tense thinking about it now, the whole soundtrack was on edge and the acting was crazy tense. It was an awesome film, but I cant watch it much because I feel like I need to take a nap after it. But the martian was nothing like that. It had all the same kind of dilemmas and situations in it but I didn't feel like there wasn't hope that it wouldn't be okay.

Matt Damon was pretty awesome. I've never really liked anything or remember him being in anything before, I couldn't name 5 films he's been in apart from Dogma and Interstellar, oh and that Hunting one? which I only know because T keeps on at me to watch it haha! But I thought he was bloody brilliant in this. It was really funny, and he did a great performance. Considering he's pretty much on his own for the whole film, he really carries himself well. He's actually quite funny.

I had to keep reminding my self that it wasn't a true story, which sounds absurd because its set on Mars, but it felt so real, I found myself really believing what was happening. I think also because the surrounding and the scenery were too 'alien', I think film makers have a tendency to make things not set on Earth too obviously not on Earth that it kind of takes you out of the story too much, so it was nice to get so lost in the story and the feel of the film that you find yourself actually believing it.

I liked the way it flitted between Earth and Mars too. One of my all time favourite actors Jeff Daniels was in it too, he played the head of NASA and at first he comes across as a bit of a dick (I thought he might of been the baddy) but I realised that its not that kind of film, and he's just being the realistic voice, which I actually ended up agreeing with most of the time haha! Kristen Wigg was in it too, and I'm not to sure why. I love her, she is awesome, and I think she is maybe trying to branch out of the comedy things she does a little bit? but it didn't work, because she was still sort of funny but not really and it got a little awkward. But on the whole it was a great cast and I think they all worked really well together, it felt genuine.

So yeah, brilliant film. I would definitely recommend it and I would watch it again, over and over. I also feel like if I got stranded on Mars on my own I could totes survive and grow poop potatoes for 4 years and wait for the rescue ship. Or go insane. Either one.

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