Movie Night // BFG

Hey everyone! As you may have figured out me and T loove movies. So much so that T actually has a pretty awesome movie blog (go check it out). We watch so many movies at home and have a pretty extensive DVD collection, so I thought it would be pretty cool to do a sort of 'vintage' movie review for the old movies that we re-watch.

This week we watched the BFG. I don't know why I had this on the brain, but I've been wanting to watch it for weeks now. I bought it a while ago because it was cheep in HMV but never got round to watching it. But the other night was the night. It's a lot more grotesque than I remember. I don't think I've seen it since I had it on VHS about 16 years ago?! I remember loving it, but I wasn't so enamoured this time round. I think when your younger and you just watch movies without really 'watching' them most of it goes over your head, and you just watch the pretty pictures. Although in BFG they're not that pretty! I also forgot the song. How could I forget the song!?

'Whizzpop! Whizzbang! Feeling the bubbles go down! Whizzpop! Whizzbang! Feeling it all around'

I knew that song was about farting, but the conversation leading up to it is so hilarious! The fact that the BFG has such an aversion to burping but farting is completely fine, fun infact! And little Sophie is horrified at the very thought of it. It's all very english and proper, even more so when they go visit the queen (who is incredibly scary looking).

And I just want to talk about the bad giants. No wonder kids have nightmares about monsters in the dark because what we watched when we were younger was some really frightening shit! That main bad giant is called Fleshlumpeater! Thats Flesh - Lump - Eater. WTF?! And he eats children! I mean, how can you not have nightmares after watching that?!

In the end I really loved watching it again. I miss the way people other than disney used to make cartoons. We've got another movie night scheduled soon and its T's turn to pick so will have to see whats on the cards!

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