Hula Hooping // Take 3

I DID IT! I hooped, like properly did it, and kept it up indefinitely. I am so excited! I have to admit I was getting a bit annoyed with myself because it was taking so long. But I persevered and I can do it! So happy! I dont even know what I did, I was just out hooping one day and something caught my attention and when I realised that I had been doing in for a few minutes I freaked out and dropped it haha! I even learnt to scoop it up with my hips when it drops, which I'm very happy about. I think my movements are still too deliberate, but I suppose you have to figure out how to actually do something before you learn how to do it subtly (does that make sense?!).

I did try to do the Lasso then take it down my body onto my hips, but I think I'm to scared of hitting myself in the face to try it properly, and then I send up hitting my face anyway, so I may as well just go for it. I also tried to hoop with my arms inside but I cant do that yet, and I dont understand how I'm supposed to do it either. Think I've got a lot of hours watching youtube tutorials ahead of me.

But now I can actually do it properly, I feel much more willing to practise. I said in my first hooping video that I was going to quit the gym and just do hooping, well that didn't happen. I've carried on going the gym and I think its really helped because I've been doing Yoga and Zumba, which are both helping with my movement and rhythm, so thats probably why I've suddenly been able to do it haha! I had fun taking some silly pictures in the garden using the timer and just trying to hoop and look 'cool' at the same time. I think I pulled it off?!?!
I was a bit hesitant about posting this video, but I'm just gonna go for it! My belly makes and appearance and so do some sparkly Batman undies, but you know what, I don't care. I have a belly! Thats the main reason for doing this, to get fit and get rid of the tub, and as I said from the beginning, I'm starting completely from scratch so Im not skinny or tonned from the get go. So my belly is gonna hang out, my arms are gonna wobble and my boobs are gonna bounce. It's okay. Saying that, I can notice a difference from the first video I did, my neck is definitely slimmer and my tummies not as wobbly, and I can feel that my clothes aren't as tight. I actually bought new pants the other day that were a size 12, which I haven't been in a year or two! So this definitely works, and its so much fun too!

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