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Last weekend my friends and I had a proper geek out for Harry Potter Night, it was awesome! I've been wanting to do something like this for so long. I just love Harry Potter so much, its unreal. I'm glad i've got friends who share my obsession and don't think I'm a total looser! When we were younger me and my cousin used to play HP in my room. We would wear dressing gowns for robes, use sticks from the garden for wands and fight over who would be Cho (because she dated Harry, obvs). The only time we ever had a proper fight was over who would be Cho and we actually didn't talk for ages, because she would always win! haha! Thankfully this time round there was not fighting and everyone got on peacefully.

When everyone arrived they got there own owl which was 'carrying' a personalised Hogwarts letter. I drew on some white balloons to make the owls. The one in the middle was the template for Hedwig that I found the internet which I was going to use for all of them, but I thought that would be boring so I made some funky looking ones too. I wish I'd got different coloured balloons though, the white was a bit boring in the end.

I found the Hogwarts letter on the internet too. I was going to copy it straight from the book but I ran out of time, but this was much easier to do. All I did was change the names on each of them and inserted a Platform 9 3/4 train ticket (also found on the internet). It would of looked great if id of been able to print it in on parchment but I couldn't find it anywhere. Our shops suck!

Seen as its Halloween pretty soon it was really easy to get some witches hats, these were a £1 each from Wilkos and the little silver goblets were a £1 from the Pound Shop. We did the official PotterMore Sorting Hat quiz to get sorted into our houses. 3 of us got Hufflepuff and the other 2 got Ravenclaw, no Slytherins in our group! It was really fun to see how we all answered the questions differently but still got the same houses. When we were sorted I stuck the house crest on the goblets so everyone got their own house cup!

I made wands out of chunky knitting needles and we went to Olivanders and we 'chose' our wands (or rather they chose us!). Then we gathered all our wizardly belongings and went through Platform 9 3/4  to our big Harry Potter nest bed in the living room! It was such a great night, even though we only managed to watch the first film and we all woke up with really sore backs and creaky necks. Were obviously way too old for sleepovers now!

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  1. This is (in the words of Ron) bloody brilliant! X


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