Currently // Vol:18

We went to a good friend of ours wedding and it was awesome! 

We went out for a little drinky that turned into a very drunken night//I've been super tired recently, but enjoying my bed so much!

I got some pretties for my feet, now I just need to decided which ones to keep//It got cold, so I broke out the wooly scarf

Me and a friend took a trip round ikea which was loads of fun and played with the GiffyCam app

Loving: The huge moon in the sky at the moment. I missed the eclipse thing but I'm liking these after moons!

Hating: This stupid weather were having! Its freezing at night and in the morning but hot and sunny in the day! I cant leave the house without a coat but I cant wear it so I end up carrying it round. So annoying!

Thinking about: All the things I should do before my big trip. People to see places to go!

Anticipating: My week off next week! Me and T have it off together so that will be awesome! I'm not sure what we have planned but boy do we need it!

Listening to: Not much at the moment, I've not had much time to get my music on, but I've been trying Dubstep out and Im liking that a lot. Its great to work out to in the gym, makes you work really hard haha!

Eating: Healthy! Well, healthy-ish. I've lost a bit of weight eating better and gyming loads so I'm trying to keep it up. Although after the shitty week I've had a pizza sounds amazing!

Reading: I'm reading like a million books at the moment. Im reading The Shade books about vampires and also a book called Atlanta Burns. I'm only 3 chapters in but the main girl, Atlanta, is kick ass! Think ill enjoy that one.

Wishing: That things would stop changing. Work is getting so hard at the moment because every things changing. I know it doesn't concern me because I'm leaving soon but Its tuff anyway.

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