Baby Max // The Big 2

My little baby Max isn't so much of a baby anymore. Today he turns two years old. TWO! I cant believe it. I keep thinking that the time has flown by, but when I really think about it I feel like he's been here forever. He is growing up into the cutest, most handsomest little boy in the world, and I know everyone says that about the babies in their lives, but I know I'm right. It feels funny to be able to sum up his little life in a post and a few pictures because its so much more than that. I cant imagine him not being here, and cant remember him not even though I know that I had 23 years before him.

To say its been easy having a brother so much younger than me would be a lie, it certainly isn't. I thought that our relationship wouldn't be the 'normal' brother-sister relationship where we fight all the time because he took my toys, and I won't share with him, but its not. Its all on me. I feel really stupid telling people this, but more often than not, I'm really jealous of him. Where as before it was just me (only child syndrome alert!) now I have to share my family with someone else who, admittedly,  needs them more than I do. I think thats where I'm struggling with all of this. Before, I could do things with my dad without having to 'schedule' a time or be canceled on. This has been the hardest part of it all. I love my dad so much, and I love to do things with him (I'm a daddies girl for sure!) all the time, and to share him with someone else took a lot of getting used to. I only just adjusted to sharing with Sarah (dads wife), and then Max came along and I was like 'whoah guys! Hold up a sec...whats going on here?!'

Obviously I'm super duper happy that Max is here and I love him to bits, I could just eat him up! But I still have a lot of adjusting to do. I think because I moved out at the same time all this was happening, so I automatically am seeing less of Dad and Sarah, so with Max taking up so much of their time, I hardly see them at all, and only for short amounts of time (having Max around has really made me see how much of your life a baby takes up!) But in the end its okay. I have the most amazing little brother I could ask for, and I suppose I just have to face up to the fact that I'm not Daddies Little Girl anymore, I've grown up, and flown the nest. Dad did an amazing job raising me (with the help of my super duper mum of course!) and now its time for me to step aside and let him do an equally amazing job with Maximoo!

Wow! I totes didn't expect this post to go the way it did, but you know when something just feels right, like you have to get it out your head? Where I was planning on going, was too list all of the amazing things that is Max, so I'll do that now.

  • The way he scrunches up his nose when he laughs
  • The way he shouts my name when he comes into work
  • Our secret handshake
  • The way he looks at you out the corner of his eye when knows he's being naughty
  • The way he runs when you chase him
  • His 'monster walk'
  • When he tiptoes up to you and tickles you
  • The way he hugs your legs
  • His gentle way of picking things up 
  • How weirdly tidy he is
  • His crazy high pitched scream
  • The way he just doesn't listen to you at all
The list could go on for ever but I've got a birthday party to get too! So Happy Birthday little bro! Your the bees knees! 

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  1. Happy Birthday not so little man!! Hope you both have a fabulous time :) xx


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