Adventure Time // Windmill Farm

The other day we took a little trip to Windmill Farm just out side our town. It was a gorgeous day, perfect for running around fields and feeding animals. I used to come here all time when I was a kid, so it was fun to see Max having as much fun as I used to. Not much has changed in 20 years, apart from the windmill hasn't got a spinny thing anymore! So its not really a 'Windmill' Farm. Max absolutely loves animals, so he had a great time seeing all the beasties and feeding all the goats. There was a baby lama which had been born the night before, it was so cute and gangly! We took a ride on the little steam train they have too which was fun. Max was pointing to everything and waving at all the animals we passed.

We all conquered a fear too. Dad hates mazes. He gets proper stressy when he gets lost and doesn't know where he is, but we forced him into the corn maze. He survived and we all got out the other side in one piece. Sarah hates spiders, and she held a tarantula! It was awesome, and she realised they weren't so scary. I held it too but I don't mind spiders, it was so cute a hairy! To say I conquered my fear would be a lie, but I did face it, and I held a cockroach! I couldn't stop shaking and I hated every minute of it and I almost cried but I did it! I'm never doing it again, but I did it. We also held a Bearded Dragon and a Python and now I totally want one! The Bearded Dragons were awesome, I really loved holding them, they were surprisingly warm until I realised they had been sitting under a heat lamp haha!

We went to have a run around in the play area (which is the only thing that has changed since I was a kid) and we found the most amazing swing. It was like a basket that you lay in. Me and Max got in and we both fell asleep! It was the most relaxing swing ever, I could of stayed there all day! It was such an awesome day, and a great family thing to do before I go away. Love everyday I spend with this little fella, and Im really gonna miss him when I go!


  1. I think I've actually been there before with work, I recognise it! Love the last few pics on the swing! Please tell me that's not the first time you've seen one of those though? X


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