Food Review // InFamous Diner - Manchester

I love food. Its no secret. I think about food all the time. I eat breakfast and while Im eating it Im thinking about whats for lunch. Food is great, and when its done right it awesome. I love going to new places and trying out new foods. So I thought I would start my own food review, sharing my favourite places from around the UK and the world. 

Soooooo. What to say about InFamous Diner?

Not much really haha. I was hugely disappointed in the whole thing. I like to think that I've been to and eaten American food enough that i've got a pretty good judge on whats good or not, and I had pretty high hopes for InFamous. Unfortunately it was all style and no substance, and even then it was a little too 'style' for my liking. I understand, that our English idea of an American Diner is going to be slightly exaggerated, but for me, I want just the normal ones you find in America....its probably too much to ask, but hopefully one day I'll find it. Any way, back to InFamous...

It was extremely shiny. Like blindingly so. There were like these reflective shiny metal tiles on the celling and red fluorescent tube lights on the wall. I found it quite gaudy and headachy, and for some one who gets migraines thats not such a good combo. I did like the American number plates that were all over the back wall, it was fun trying to see which states they came from, also a pretty cool idea for a wall in a house! I know decor is a very individual taste, but for me, it was too much.

Now for the food. The food was actually pretty good, and they had my mums favourite Root Beer, so that made her happy. My only issue was the size of the portions. We had a normal cheese burger which came with onion rings and curly fries. When it arrived I was pretty impressed with the size of it, it maybe wasn't the size I would expect an 'American' Diner to have but it was big enough. Then I opened the bun. This is one of my culinary hates! The burger was HALF THE SIZE OF THE BUN!! GAAAAAAAAH! I literally took like two bites and all I got was bread. Its not hard to make burgers the same size of the bun! I would rather have a thinner burger where I got to have some in every mouthful. I was so disappointed! I don't know whether I just got the end of a batch of burger mince or if thats just the size they are?
The second thing that really really pissed me off was on the menu they have 'Homemade Doughnuts' and also above the bar on the deserts board, so naturally I wanted them. I wanted them so bad. So when the waiter (who seriously looked and acted like he didn't wanna be there, rather rude) asked us what we wanted, that was what we wanted, this is pretty much how it went...

Us - "Can we have doughnuts please!"
Waiter - "We don't do them"
Us - "But there on the menu?"
Waiter - "I know"
Us - "And above the bar..."
Waiter - "Yeah I know"
Us - "Oh. Well we won't have anything then"
Waiter - "Okay" *turns and walks away*

It was the most bizarre service I've ever encountered.

So yeah, thats my not so great experience at InFamous Diner. I was impressed with the taste of the food, it was delicious, but the portion size was silly and the service was just down right weird! I have to say I would go back, just to give them the benefit of the doubt and give it a good second go. I don't think I would recommend it to anyone because I know there are better places out there, but if you want to experience the a really over the top American Diner, I suppose thats the place.


Autumn Fun Times // Pumpkin Picking

Last weekend me and my friends took a little trip to local pumpkin patch and did some fun Autumn-ey fall things. PUMPKIN PICKING! Believe it or not, I've never been pumpkin picking (shocking I know!) but I've always wanted to, so I was super excited! It was so fun trying to pick a decent sized pumpkin, they were all stupidly shaped or rotten and squished. Luckily we managed to find TEN decently proportionate pumpkins, go us! I actually got four pumpkins because T wasn't able to come with us, so  I got him one, one for work and a spare, because who wouldn't want a spare pumpkin, right?! Pumpkin Patches are such pretty places (just ignore the squished ones) that I thought it would be awesome place for a cute photoshoot, so we decided to make romantic moments with the pumpkins. It was funny at the time, now it just looks like we have pumpkin fetishes! We had such a great time, and I cant wait to carve them next week! Now I just need to decided on what to carve....


Weekend Favourites // Vol: 7

This was my childhood

Everything about this picture calls to me

This top is the best ever

I would love to find this somewhere

This eerie reflection

Me and T need matching  sweaters

This is perfect
  • Im so excited for this!
  • The Star Wars trailer. YUUS!
  • I nearly had a melt down the other day when I couldn't find my favourite shop on Easy, but turns out they just out grew it and now have their own shop! Happy Days!
  • I need to wear this every day, also any of these ones.
  • Who knew these were so terrifying! 
  • Stories like this make my heart happy.


Style Challenge // His + Her

I've been wanting to do more outfit/style posts recently but have found no inspiration to get off my butt to do it. Me and T have been talking for ages about doing some joint stuff for the blog but we've hardly been able to find the time to spend time together, never mind finding time to do blog stuff, so I thought we'd kill two birds with one stone by spend time together and do blog stuff! So I headed to were all lost women go, Pinterest. I tried to find a 'couples style challenge' and I couldn't find anything! I tried every combination of words to do with 'fashion' 'couples' 'challenge' '30 day' just everything and the only thing that came up was couples fitness training programs, which isn't something we want to do. I told T that I was thinking of doing and that I couldn't find anything for 'inspiration' so we decided to create our own! It was loads of fun trying to figure out cool couples ideas, but I think we did pretty well?! My favourites are the 'Switch' and 'Music Icon' ones, I cant wait to see what we come up for them. I posted it on Instagram and Twitter with the #hisandherstylechallenge incase any of you had the same problem as us and wants to do the couples challenge with us. We'd love to see what you come up with, maybe give each other inspiration and ideas for things we wouldn't usually think of. Im super excited to get started on this, now we just need to make some time in-between work and watching movies to actually get dressed up and take some picks!  (p.s I'm sorry about the picture quality, not too sure what happened there!)

This week is gonna be so busy! My boss is off on holiday and I always feel super stressed when he's not there, but hopefully its not gonna be too bad and I don't get too stressed! Im pretty excited to have my day off on Thursday though, because Im going for lunch with my grandparents, and I always have such a great time with them. Hopefully ill get time to get some good pictures too if we go for a walk in the woods or something.

Hope you all have a great week!


Weekend Favourites // Vol: 6

So I noticed the other day that my links aren't working in past posts? I didn't even think to check, so I'm so sorry if you've had trouble clicking through to things, but hopefully it all works nice and smoothly now. 

This amazing broach

These amazing pictures by Marcel Christ

This jacket looks so cozy

I could watch this for hours

Loving this wild-woman top

Everything about this picture is beautiful
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  • Liz Morrow has started something beautiful, and I love it!
  • These kids now how to do Halloween costumes
  • I love hearing about stories like these
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Food Review // Teacup Kitchen - Manchester

I love food. Its no secret. I think about food all the time. I eat breakfast and while Im eating it Im thinking about whats for lunch. Food is great, and when its done right it awesome. I love going to new places and trying out new foods. So I thought I would start my own food review, sharing my favourite places from around the UK and the world. 

The other day me and the mother went to a little place in Manchester called Teacup Kitchen. Neither of us had been there before, but we'd both seen it on Instagram and thought it looked good. We kinda stumbled upon it while we were walking round the Northern Quarter a little bit lost. I was in desperate need of a coffee and some breakfast, so I just honed in on it as soon as I saw the sign outside. I loved the decor, kinda old school canteen chic (is that a thing?!). Everything was reclaimed wood, and they even had old school chairs with the little thing to put books in on the back, it was all very cool. And also very red. Red and wood is how I would describe it haha, with some chalk board thrown in for good measure! 

We ordered toast, mum had rye toast and I had sourdough with poached eggs. It was so scrummy I could of eaten it twice. It was nice to not have that really thick doorstop toast that most 'trendy' places have, thats just too much bread guys! But this was just the right amount and super tasty. I think they make their own bread? At the very least they get it from a bakery. The coffee was so good. I find it hard to like any coffee but the one at my own cafe, especially because I usually have it black, but this was definitely one of the better ones, and you got a good decent sized cup too! 

We had to try some of the large selection of cakes, of course, so we decided on the gluten free chocolate cake which was AMAAZING! Maybe one of the best chocolate cakes ever, it practically melted to liquid in your mouth, so smooth. Of course I had two mouthfuls and felt super sick for the rest of the day because it was that rich, but it was totally worth it! 

I would definitely recommend The Teacup Kitchen to anyone looking for a good cup of coffee and a huge slice of cake (seriously the slices are mahoosive!), the only thing I think it was lacking was a little more decoration/furniture, it felt a bit sparse. But the staff were lovely and friendly, and they gave us an extra slice of cake, which makes them winners in my book!