Weekend Favourites // Vol: 4

Hey party people! Im feeling super duper geeky this weekend. Last night me and my friends had a Harry Potter Sleepover, which was all my dreams come true (post to come this week). So Im feeling pretty magical! I've also decided to change this feature to 'Weekend Favourites' instead of 'Weekend Wishlist' because I've found that I kinda want all the same things each week (which is no fun, and also a sign that I really need those things! *cough cough, hint hint*) So I'm gonna add some things in that I've found interesting throughout the week too, because I pretty much live on the internet so there must be something interesting on it, right?

This is everything I want in a tee.

I'm not a huge fan of 'overly pink' stuff, but this makeup set-up is so satisfying to look at?!

This cute little kitty.

This dad transforms his kids drawings into masterpieces

These gym pants are beautiful

This beautiful dress

This coat would make winter so much more fun

  • This amazing lady is amazing!
  • Caesar Sebastian photography is so mesmerising, I cant stop looking through his instagram feed.
  • Everyone entering a relationship (or already in one) should read this post on Emotional Labour.
  • I totally dig this parenting style and am totes jealous of the little lady.
  • Lets all get naked!

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