Adventure Time // Liverpool Days

This weekend me and T took a little trip to Liverpool for a day out. We've not really done much recently other than work, eat and sleep, so it was really lovely to get out of dodge for a few hours. I was really craving french toast and bacon from Moose Coffee but when we got there, there was like a 30 minute wait! I was way too hangry to wait that long so we went ended up at Tortilla. I've not had much luck with Burritos in England, I think I've been spoiled by America yumminess, but mine was amazing! Definitely be going there again!

Of course we ended up in Forbidden Planet, of course, and it was so hard to keep my saving hat on! I literally want everything when I go there. There were some awesome Star Wars stuff there and like a gazillion comics and anime boxsets that I wanted. I treated my self a little bit though (well I have been really good!) and bought my self a new hat for winter. It's BMO from Adventure Time! He's so cute, and he's my fav in the comics. I just finished Vol 2, and he pretty much brings around the end of The Land of OOOO by building Fin and Jake robots. Its so cute, I love him so much! So my head is going to be nice and toasty and look totally mathematical at the same time.

I've got a wedding in a few months where I'm a bridesmaid, so I was on the hunt for some killer shoes. What a total flop. There is literally like no heels anywhere. I think everyones got the winter boots out because there was not a heel in sight. I found some okay ones as a last resort but I think I'll wear them for about 10 seconds before they hurt too much, so I'd rather not get them. I've had a search on Amazon, and I've found a few that I like, its just a pain because I'm gonna spend about £200 in one go on shoes, which is ridiculous! I know I'll send about £170 worth back, but its still silly! I'm going to go back to Liverpool on Thursday to see if I missed any.

It feels so great to be blogging properly again, and I've got a few new ideas which I'm pretty excited to try out. I've been doing some free blogging courses that have been inspiring me to push the boat out a bit more, and me and T have got some things we want to collaborate on too, so fun times ahead me thinks.

Have a happy happy week everyone!


  1. Loving your hair so much ATM!! I'm intrigued by these blogging courses, can you point me in the right direction? Please :)

    1. they're on Dana Fox blog...she has some great free courses and tips!

    2. Ah!! Thankyou! Going to go look this up tomorrow!!


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