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I've decided to take up Hula Hooping. I had a really weird dream the other night where I was a Hula Hooper and when I woke up I really wanted to do it, so I went out and bought one! I've been watching videos on youtube on how to do it and it just looks so cool. I've been having a go for a few minutes each day, only 5 or 10 because I know that if I cant do it straight away ill get annoyed and give up, so If i don't let myself get too in to it straight away, I might actually be able to get good, before i expect myself to be good...does that make sense?!

But let me just say....OW! My stomach is so sore already! I got a stitch! A stitch! After 5 minutes...who does that?! I must been extremely out of shape or doing it super super wrong...but I am ready to get this cake baby of a belly into shape, and I hope this is how I'm going to do it. I've already messaged a lady about getting a custom hoop made because according to all the videos and blogs i've read on the matter, my hoop is all kinds of wrong. Wrong size, wrong material, wrong weight, the only good thing is the colour. I love yellow. But its not even yellow anymore because I read somewhere that, if you're having a hard time keeping the hoop up, you should wrap gaffer tape round it for friction, but the closest thing I had was masking tape so I just wrapped it in that. Not a good look, but it did work, kind of. So until I can get a proper one sorted out I'm good with what I have. I wasn't expecting it to be amazing anyway. It was £4 from Soccer Sports and its an exercise one not a dance/fun one.

So heres what I've learnt from the first week of my adventures in Hooping.

  1. Hula Hooping is hard. Like, super frustratingly hard.
  2. Theres actually a lot of 'science' behind it. Size/weight/material ect.
  3. Its really good for your stomach and core muscles (which I evidently don't have any of!) 
  4. There are some really awesome people on the internet who make equally amazing videos for people like me who have no clue what they're getting them selves into (I'm looking at you HoopSmiles
  5. My belly juggles a lot when I hoop
  6. Even though they're light and hollow, the hurt when they hit you in the head.
  7. I want a sparkly glittery light up one...eventually
  8. I can still make my mum wet herself laughing (just watch the video bellow)

I think I'm really going to enjoy taking up this hobby, and it really really hope that I can stick to it. Its your mission to keep me on this, and make sure that I stick at it. Deal? Im off to hoop, I mean sleep!

Toodles xox

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