New Hair // Pink Is Best

Im just gonna give you heads up now, that this is totally a -self love/I'm awesome/look at how cool I am- post...

I got my hair done again by Cassie Eveson, my amazing, magical hairdresser. I seriously love everything she does to my hair, and she always 'gets' what I want to do haha! I absolutely love it! Its so pink and swooshy and awesome! I loove the undercut, and the fact that its gone back to my natural colour again. I loved having all pink hair but I think the contrast makes the pink even better. If feel so 'punk-y' haha! You know when you feel crappy and not yourself, well now I feel normal and like Im myself again. I've always felt 'normal' with coloured hair, and I cant wait to try some other colours when I go off on my travels. Pink is the only colour I can really get away with at work, but I really want to try a mermaid green or a lilac-y-blue. 

So what do you think? You likey? What colours do you think I should try out next?

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  1. Oh my word, your hair is epicly awesome!!!! You look beautiful and it's edgy yet adorable all at the same time!

    I'm trying to get an appointment to get my bleaching redone so I can go pink or maybe orange for fall.... darn full time job makes it hard to find time, yet it pays for the fun hair, ahh well! ;-)


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