Childs Play // Dot-to-Dot

The other day my mum found a birthday present that she forgot to give me hiding in the back of the cupboard. How cool is this!? A grown up Dot-to-dot book all about animals. It's made by an Australian illustrator Thomas Pavitte who decided to make his image into dot-to-dots for adults. Each one has 1000 dots and takes forever to finish. I did have a Max hanging on my arm pretty much the whole time, that kinda slowed me down, but still. it took me good hour or two. The numbers are impossible to see and I got lost a few times but I had so much fun! I love that you can rip the pictures out and frame them (which I will be doing!). I think I might try and trace a few so I can try different things with them before I commit it to the paper haha! It says on the back of the book that he has made a one of the Mona Lisa with over 6000 dots and take over 6 hours to complete! How crazy is that!? It took me ages to figure out what this first on was haha! It wasn't until the whiskers that I thought 'ITS A CAT!" It was the weird spikes at the top that threw me, but its just the inside of the ear! Douh! I cant wait to do some more of them, and Ill be sure to post them on here as well, and also get some more of his work. Id like to get the famous people one, I think that would be quite fun to do.
Im so happy to be back blogging again! I finally got a hard drive for my laptop so I actually have space now to upload my pictures and things. For a few weeks now, I've not been able to upload any pics and my laptops been so slow, I haven't been able to do anything at all. I've been wanting to do a quick re-design of this space ready for my trip, so hopefully in the next few weeks I'll have something  ready to go live. Tomorrow I'll do a quick Currently post to off load the las few weeks of pictures I've had back logged, then its back to blogging regularly again! Whoop whoop!

Toodles xox

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