Childs Play // Dot-to-dot 2

I did another one of the pages in the 1000 Dot-to-dot Animals book by Thomas Pavitte. I seriously love this book, its so much fun to do! I had a bit of a clue what this one was before I started it, I think the cluster around its eyes kinda gave it away. I think its so cleaver how he creates the detail, when I'm half way through I'm thinking how on earth is this supposed to end and look good. The dots go all over the place, but when its finished it looks awesome! The only pen I had was a green biro which I really didn't like using, but it looks kind of cool i suppose. The lighting was awful when I was doing it so the pictures aren't great. I tried to take a picture after ever hundred dots because after ever hundred they change colour to make it easier for you to see where your up to. Although this one was tricky because there was a big cluster of similar colours and I kept making mistakes. The great thing is though that you would never know where the mistakes are (I think he said he designed them that way too which is cool!) I cant wait to get to the fox one! And I'm hoping for a whale or a sloth too! I might try and do a hyper lapse video of me doing one too, so you can see how long it takes to do one. I'll have to take the sound off though because I have to say the numbers as I'm doing it, so me sitting there dot-to-dotting 1000 dots might get a little bit annoying. I even annoy myself when I do it! I really really want to try his Querkles book. Im not that keen on colouring famous people but if he ever does an animal one or something that would be amazing! I might get it anyway just to give it a go, they would make pretty cool presents for people. I'll be posting the next one soon because I cant stop doing them. They're perfect for passing the time on these gross rainy days we seem to be getting every. single. day.

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