Adventure Time // New Zealand Bound

Hey everyone! Feels like I've not blogged in ages, but I've been super preoccupied with work and life and some very exciting things!! As of Saturday, I'm going to New Zealand!! I actually cant believe that I'm gonna be flying 27 hours to a far off country to have the time of my life! IM SO EXCITED! My best friend Hollie (yes were both called Holly/ie and both our dads are called Steve) is currently there at the moment and having the time of her life. She invited me to go travelling with her, so I said yes! Its been one of my life long dreams to visit NZ and walk in the mountains and valleys and see the gorgeous landscapes. It's every photographers dream! I cant actually think of anything to write I'm that excited! I fly on the 29th of December, so that gives me just over 4 months to save like mad! like, literally not doing anything for the next 4 months. Movies? No! Books? No! Eating? No! its gonna be hell, but I'll get a great reward at the end!

I've been making list upon list of things to take/do/see/photograph and its all a little overwhelming but its going to be so worth it in the end. My step-cousin has lent me her 80L rucksack which is bloody massive! But it has wheels, which is awesome, and it was free, so I am so so so grateful because she has saved me over £100 on just a bag (why is traveling so expensive!?) Also my towns Mountain Warehouse is closing down, which sucks, but I got loads of things on sale for my travels. I've bought lots of hiking things, because all me and Hollie have planned to do is walk and hike and walk some more. Two of the hikes that we've talked about doing are the Routeburn Track, which i have wanted to do since forever, I've had a picture of one of the mountains on the trail stuck to my 
wall for years and I've always wanted to go and take that exact same picture for myself. The other hike is the Milford Track which would take us to see the Highest Waterfall in NZ and through the highest peaks of the Southern Alps and also to see Mount Doom! . I cant even contain my excitement! We're also thinking of sky diving and doing other cool things, and of course were going to Hobbiton. I've actually told Hollie that she cant go until I get there, which is torture for her, but we have to go together....LOTR is our thing. 
Photo Credit: www.werbefotografie.ch
Photo Credit: Jim Pollard
I mean just look at these pictures! How can anyone not want to go here!? It's funny because I've always thought NZ looked like the Lake District in England on steroids, and I only live about two hours away from the lakes so its funny to want to go half way across the world see whats on my front door (sort of, not really, NZ is totally better)

So yeah, thats happening! I've been unsure on what to do with this blog recently, but now I have re-newed inspiration, I'm not going to turn it into a 'travel blog' but Im certainly going to document my travels in NZ and also the lead up to it and what I get/buy/take with me and things like that, but I still want to do all the normal stuff too, so we shall see how it goes, and where this new adventure takes me. I'm also slowly designing a new layout so look out for that in the next few months. If you have any travel blogs/shops/tips/gear recommendations/ect please please please message me or comment below and let me know. If you've been to NZ or even live there, I would love some insider info on cool places to go/see/do.

Thats all for now folks! 

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