31 Day Blog Challenge // Day 6

Jeez! I really failed on this 31 Day Blog Challenge! I got to day 5 and then forgot about it...whoops! I suppose the good thing is that I picked it up again, right?! Well anyway, Ill try and do a bit more of it, I like the sound of some of the questions coming up so, hopefully ill stick at it...agin.
Your Five Senses Right Now...

See: Some big black clouds rolling in. I love the living room window of my friends house, its huge and you can see everything. The weather has been so awful this summer. Torrential rain or scorching heat, right now its gone that really close heat and big heavy clouds that just scream thunder storm! Cant wait!

Hear: Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull. It playing in the next room, and I'm in another blogging (of course) Im trying to see if I can guess where its up to just by listening. I think...its at the bit with all those horrible ants that eat that German soldier?

Smell: I smell Thai food. I just got back from a Thai cooking lesson at http://chaophraya.co.uk”>Chaophraya in Liverpool (blog post to come) so I just smell of that. Its a lovely smell!

Touch: I'm not sure, but iv got my really comfy pants and jumper on so I suppose I can feel the fabric of them? They're so comfy!

Taste: Thai food....and Rum. Always Rum. 

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