31 Day Blog Challenge // Day 5

10 Songs You Love Right Now

Here are my 10 songs I love right now. Its a healthy mix of oldies and goodies. I get very stuck on songs and tend to latch on to two or three at a time and listen to them till my ears bleed. But there a few songs that I listen to all the time anyway, that have always stuck with me and I just cant get rid of them. I'm really bummed at the moment too because my record player just suddenly stopped working (sad times) so I haven't been able to listen to half these songs because I only have them record. I know theres youtube and suff but I feel like i'm cheating on my record player haha! 

1. Hozier: Jackie and Wilson

2. James Bay: Best Fake Smile

3. Taylor Swift: Out Of The Woods

4. Paramore: Proof

5. DJ Khaled: All I Do Is Win

6. John Denver: Country Roads

7. Iggy Azalea: Trouble

8. Avicii: The Nights

9. Sia: Elastic Heart

10. David Guetta ft. Sia: Titanium

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