Adventure Time // Liverpool Fire Arts Festival (picture heavy)

The other weekend me and T went to see our friend Ben perform in the Liverpool Fire Arts Festival that he organised. I work with Ben so it was great to see something that I'd heard so much about. It was freakin awesome! So many cool people there and so much stuff to do. There were workshops through out the day which you could take part in like, Ariel acrobatics and slack lining. We showed up later on in the day so I didn't get to have a go on anything, so next time I'm definitely gonna try everything! So here are the pictures of the evening, Im still amazed by how good this whole evening was. I would love to have a go at this, but theres no way, with my co-ordination, I wouldn't end up seriously harming myself and everyone else around me haha! But I was really envious of everyone and how amazing this hobby is. I think my favourite was the fire fan things, I think they looked so beautiful and almost like fiery wings.

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