31 Day Blog Challenge // Day 4

What Are You Afraid Of
Cockroaches. Those creepy little shits just don't die and they're disgusting and scuttle about and swarm and just BLUUUGH! I'm getting itchy skin just writing about them! When I was a kid I had a horrible nightmare that I was stuck to the ground and I couldn't move at all. Then these cockroaches came from no where and just swarmed all over me and I couldn't do a thing about it, I managed to wake my self up but when I sat up I could still see them all over me and I proper freaked! I've hated them ever since. They are so horrible! the creepy hairy legs and the fact that they can FLY!?! Why? why can they fly?!

My friend (who knew that I was terrified of them!) used to keep exotic pets like snakes and things, which is cool, and I love pretty much every other kind of bug, animal and living thing, but he told me he a new pet and to close my eyes, so I did. He proceeded to place two effing massive hissing cockroaches in front of me and I freaked. out. I'm not kidding these things were the size of my hand and when you touched them they hissed. It was gross. Also, when I was on holiday in Tenerife one ran over my foot while I was walking down the street. And my dad came home once with present from the Natural History Museum (of course I was excited!) turns out it was a cockroach in resin. I threw it at him. They're just wrong. They have no purpose, and they should all be exterminated. I cant even write anymore about them because I feel dirty and creepy just thinking about why I hate them, so I leave it at that.

It feels like forever since I last posted. It's been so super duper hectic the last few weeks, I feel like all I've done is sleep and work. Hopefully over the next week or two things will start to ease off and I can start to blog more, and make posts a little more interesting!

Peace out 

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