31 Day Blog Challenge // Day 3

Your Favourite Quote

This is such a hard one! I literally cant pick one. I had a look through my pinterest 'Words' board and I couldn't pick one out, but the over-all feel of most of them was 'be yourself and don't let anyone else get in your way' so I thought id pick a few of my favourites out and share them with you. I love any kind of quote/lyric thats about loving yourself, doing what you want to do and not letting anyone stand in your way, even if that someone is yourself. I think its so important to do what you want to do and be happy always. This life is way too short to spend it on 'what if's' and worrying about what others will think, or thinking your not good enough. I say just go for it, what ever it is, just do it and if you fail then you fail, at least you tried. I would hate to get to the end of my life and think 'if only id tried more things, said yes a few more times and not worried what others would think' that would be the saddest thing for me, or for anyone I care about to say. I have to say it to myself regularly. I need a million of these kinds of quotes everywhere in my house and in places I randomly see because I am the worst for not doing things and thinking I'm not good enough, but when I do go for it and just say 'what the hell, theres nothing to loose' I have never regretted it! I love the feeling that you get when you decided to do something that your scared to do. The nervous excited happiness that you get from not knowing but also not caring. It's like Bilbo always says 'Its dangerous business going out your front door. You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, theres no telling where you might be swept off too.'

Do you have a favourite quote? or like me do you have a million that you cant choose one? Let me know bellow and maybe ill add a few more to my already huge library of quotes.

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