31 Day Blog Challenge // Day 2

Day 2: 20 Facts About You

So I totally didn't read the next day when I did Day 1 otherwise I would of waited to do a list of facts about myself, but I suppose you can never read too many facts about a person...
  1. My middle name is Rebecca 
  2. My favourite food is Japanese/Chinese/Thai
  3. There is a 23 year gap between me and my little brother
  4. Unicorns are my spirit animal
  5. I love to colour my hair with every colour I can get my hands on
  6. I have 10 tattoos
  7. Baking is my favourite hobby (and also my job)
  8. I have a lovely boyfriend called Tim
  9. My favourite chocolate is Galaxy Ripple
  10. Im addicted to doughnuts 
  11. I love Sci Fi/Fantasy movies
  12. Im a huge bookworm
  13. I hate mushy peas
  14. Im a shopaholic 
  15. I love to crochet 
  16. Im a light weight when it comes to drinking
  17. I want to travel the world
  18. Hayley Williams in my girl crush
  19. Big Band Theory is my all time favourite, I could binge watch it forever
  20. Im a hoarder, but I like to call it 'collecting'
So there we go! 20 facts about me :) This week has been a weird one and its only Tuesday! Im really tired, my body feels all out of whack and I cant seem to get into the groove. I've had a few late nights recently and I just cant hack them anymore, definitely need to get a few early night in this week! 

Love and Hugs x

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