Look What I Found // 31 Day Blog Challenge

Yesterday I was browsing all my past posts from the very beginning (5 YEARS!) because I realised I forgot my blog birthday. It was cool to look back on how much I've changed and how much has actually happened over the last 5 years. I also came across this blog challenge that I failed miserably at and thought it would be fun to give it another go. It will be cool in another 5 years time I can look back on both of them and see how different they were. I don't have a very good track record of keeping up to date with blog posts, or keeping things running for an extended period of time but I'll give it a go. Maybe I won't post on consecutive days, but ill try and go the full 31 days! There were a few other posts and features that I miss doing too, like Themed Thursdays and my book/movie reviews back when it was called Books, Art and Sci Fi (remember that?!) Maybe I'll try and resurrect some of them and see if I can't get this blog running properly again. Its a bit stop and start at the moment, and Id like to get into a flow of posting more regularly.

 Today I'm super busy! I hate it when your days of end up being busier than your work days. Ive got a docs appointment in the morning, then a massage (I've been going every two weeks to get the mahoosive knots out my shoulders!), then lunch with my mum and cousin, then on to the hairdressers to get it cut and coloured again and finally to go see the family in the evening. Hopefully ill find time to start the blog challenge too, or maybe ill just crash on the couch and watch Big Bang Theory all night and eat copious amounts of chocolate.

Hope you have a great Thursday! Let me know if you've followed along from the very beginning and wish that you could see some post or feature again? Or if your new what would you like to see more of? I really enjoyed yesterdays video post so some suggestions on things you'd like to see on future vlogs would be most welcome.

Love and Hugs x

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