Thrive//Day Three

Hello! It's Day Three in my Thrive trial and for this post I'm going to have a little look at the Thrive Capsules. 

There are two types, one for women and one for men. Here are the PDF's for Women and Men if you want to have a look at the full list of ingredients. They both claim to do the same thing which is:

  • weight management
  • cognitive performance
  • joint support
  • inflammation support  
  • anti-aging + antioxidant 
  • lean muscle support
  • digestive + immune support
The pill, starts off the whole process, obviously. Its just like a vitamin tablet that you would take from the store. It's just packed with Vitamins, Minerals, Plant Extracts, Anti-oxidants, Enzymes, Pro-Biotics, and Amino Acids. The way I got it explained to me was that, were you would buy a store bought vitamin which has been synthetically made, that will have way more than you need in it because our bodies can't absorb them, so you may only benefit from a tiny bit of it, but because Thrive is all natural ingredients, there is only the amount that you need in it, because it will all get used up. I hope that makes sense! Obviously, other natural vitamins exist out there, and you could take them too the same effect, but if your like me and like to have everything in a few simple steps, having everything in one little pill is pretty good. 

So on to the day! 
6:30 - Yes you read that right and yes I did a double take when I checked the time. I woke up at 6:30, of my own accord, no alarm, and it felt normal and good and then I realised that I was off today and I had really wanted to lie in (sad times). I did try and go back to sleep but I was waking up every 10 minutes and it just was working, I think my body was like 'NO! You don't need to sleep no more so get up you lazy bum!' This stuff is really making me a morning person, and its awesome. There is so much more time in the mornings! Does it actually go slower? Usually if I get up at say 10 and need to be somewhere at 1, I have to rush to get ready and its mayhem, but today I got up out of bed at 7 and I need to leave the house at 10...I'v had a shower, iv sat down and had my shake, I've written this little paragraph, iv texted some people, I've made breakfast, done my makeup. Whats up with that?! So yeah anyway, (I got sidetracked with the awesomeness of early mornings) I took the pill as usual, this time I waited longer to have the shake and it was much easier to take, I think to have it straight when you wake up, for me, is too much too soon, so I had the pill, got a shower and got ready then had the shake. I mixed it better this morning and I've been recommended a place to buy a shake-mixer-bottle thing (thanks Matt!) I've put the patch on the sore part of my back, which feels totally weird! I'll see if how it goes, but I can imagine it getting pretty annoying! 

7:30 - What a crazy day! I went for a massage and got a tattoo (not at the same time!) So my first 'normal' day on thrive wasn't so normal after all. I did feel great today though. I had loads of energy and my head felt so clear. I also bounced back after my tattoo much faster than usual. Another thing iv noticed is that I haven't craved sweet things since starting Thrive. I've been really hungry and wanting to eat pretty much non-stop but never have I wanted to eat cake or chocolate or sweets, which is usually what I want ALL THE TIME! I actually craved an apple, who craves apples?! I forgot about the DFT in the end, and I actually didn't have much, if any, back pain today, which was great! I think I might wear my DFT on my wrist tomorrow, just to see if I feel silly going out in public with a bright pink patch on my arm. It might actually generate some conversations with people who see it, so it actually might be a cleaver little marketing campaign. We shall see! I completely forgot to buy a shake flask though, womp womp, so tomorrow I can't forget, it would be interesting to ask the guys in my GNC if they know what Thrive is.

So today was a good day, I felt great, I had much more energy in the first half of the day, and even though I'm tired now (8:30) its not a sluggish tired, its a good tired. Tomorrow I'll be having a bit more of a relaxed day, and I'll be giving some info on the Lifestyle Mix on tomorrows post. Do you have any other type of vitamin/herbal/natural things that you take that you swear by that isn't Thrive? Comment bellow and let me know!

Love and hugs x

(Non of what I will write is with the Le-vel, its all my own words and feelings and I'm being completely honest about it, I'm not being paid to say any of it, its all my own opinions and thoughts.)

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