Thrive//Day One

Hey guys! 

A few weeks ago my friend in America approached me about trying out a new product called Thrive. Im usually a bit suspicious about things like this because do they really work? (really?!) I've never know anyone personally who has been on or had success with supplements/diet shakes/ect and all the adverts just seemed like a load of bull, and to be honest, this seemed like the same old story. But because she was a friend and I didn't want to out right naysay it, I clicked on the link and read the testimonials, and it sounded awesome, but there had to be something wrong with it surely?! I think I tried every possible google search for a bad review of it, and I couldn't find anything. I looked at my friends activity within the product and who she'd recommended it too, and found that I actually knew a few people on it, so I told my friend I'd give it a go. She sent me a sample pack in the post and Today was my first day of five, on it and i'm recorded my finding down throughout the five days to share here with you guys.

(Non of what I will write is with the Le-vel, its all my own words and feelings and I'm being completely honest about it, I'm not being paid to say any of it, its all my own opinions and thoughts.)

First off the packaging is really simple, which I like. I hate products that have fancy packing that aren't meant to have fancy packaging. Food stuff (unless its chocolate) should not have overly fancy packaging, it makes me think their trying too hard and its actually gonna taste like goats butt. I got a leaflet explain all the different things in the package and the ingredients and things like that, 4 DFT's (Derma Fusion Technology) 3 packets of Capsules, 3 Lifestyle Mix's (shakes) and 2 Boost's (shakes). I also got a little instruction sheet made by the Meghan explaining what to take and when.

7:30 - I woke up about 7 and took one Thrive capsule as instructed, they're much smaller than I expected(?) I had a feel of the packet and they felt huge so I was kinda dreading that bit, but they were just normal painkiller size, so that was a nice surprise. They were purple too which made me happy (it's the little things, am I right?!). 20 mins later I made the shake. I only used half the shake packet, as instructed, with 1/2 pint of water. Next time I'm going to use almond milk because water was a no no. It wasn't unpleasant but it wasn't nice either. It smelled like wood and tasted like sawdust and when I burped (WE ALL DO IT!) it was gross! But the after taste was definitely vanilla so I think with something a bit thicker than water and with a bit more of a flavour it would be nice. It took me forever to drink too, I have a hard time downing drinks anyway, but when i'm not too sure about it it's even worse. I forced it down though because I was late for work, but I felt really sick afterwards, the after taste was way too sweet for me that early in the morning, and I don't usually eat breakfast so it was all a bit too much. That was all I needed to do for the first day though, so I went to work feeling fairly optimistic, and ready for another busy day.

10:30 - I usually have my lunch at work around 10:30/11 and I'm usually always starving and ready to stuff my face. Today was no different, although I did find I got hungry much later than usual. I didn't really expect a drastic change, if any at all, but secretly I think I was hoping for this amazing day where I was so full of energy and not hungry at all and lost about 2st in that first day (obviously not gonna happen) I did notice one thing though, I only needed 1 cup of coffee to wake me up, usually I need about 3 to make me approachable in the mornings. I also felt a lot more energised and alert than normal, usually I drag my feet a bit, yawn a lot and try and stay awake, but I think I yawned twice today (yes I counted!)

1:30 - By 1 I was pretty hungry again, I usually snack around that time so my body might of just been used to getting fed at that time or it was actual hunger. I did wonder if it was because I only took half the amounts of things and I didn't wear a DFT patch? Ill see if I feel any differently tomorrow. But apparently some people do get super hunger rage on the first day because your body is just trying to regulate its self.

5:00 - I was starved! I got out of work and I just wanted to eat everything! Luckily the Mac Donald's in our town centre closed down otherwise I might of had a binge fest. Instead I did the next best thing and went the Bucks and ordered a muffin, crisps and caramel macchiato...womp womp! I can't be too hard on myself though because its only my first day on a new product, and actually, if I think about it I probably ate less than I usually would (she says stuffing chocolate in her face)

7:30 - I had a conference call with my promoter, her promoter and her promoters promoter (you with me?) Megan, Cassie and Risha were fantastic and made me feel so welcome into the Thrive family. They answered loads of questions I had and let me know all about the products and the health benefits. I feel really confident about this products and what It can do for me. I can't wait for tomorrow and to see whats in store.

So after my first day, I didn't really notice any changes, a little more energy and a lot more hunger. Tomorrow i'm still on 1/2 doses but I get to wear the funky DFT patch and I got some Almond milk to try instead of the water. If any of you are on Thrive and want to share your experiences please please comment below or post a link to your Thrive post. I would love to hear more about others experiences and little tips and tricks you've learned along the way. Tomorrow I'm going to share more about the actual product and what I've learned from research and also what the girls told me on the conference call, so if your wondering what the heck I'm going on about, come back tomorrow for an outsiders insight.

Love and hugs x
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