Thrive//Day Four

Hello lovely people! I can't believe its day four already! I feel like it should be harder work to get the results that people say you can get from this. Obviously it helps if you exercise and eat and healthy at the time, but I've read about people who haven't wanted to exercise (or can't) and its worked for them.  So I think that, with all things like this, you get more out of it the more you put into it, but Thrive gives you more of a head start than others.

The Lifestyle Mix is the shake that your supposed to take 20-40 mins after you take the pill. (Heres the Lifestyle PDF if your interested). Its vanilla flavoured and when not made with water it is delicious! On the first day I said that I wish it came in other flavours, but I'm totally okay to drink this for the rest of my life. So the shake, heres what they say it does:

  • Ultra Micronised
  • Nutrient Mineral Dense Formula
  • Probiotic & Enzyme Blend
  • Antioxidant & Extract Blend
  • Lean Muscle Support
  • Weight Management or Fitness
  • Gluten Free
It really is Ultra Micronised, it dissolves so well. I try leave it for a few minutes to make sure its all soaked up, but I was so surprised at how un-gritty it was. The shake has more of the good stuff that the pill does, plus a few extra vitamins and stuff. Its mainly to help you digest the pill better and it helps to improve your digestion in general and all your lovely gut-ness. 

8:30 - I had a lie in!! I did wake up at 6.30 like normal but I managed to get back to sleep for 2 hours which was lovely. I am really enjoying these early mornings and having all the energy but on my day off it is nice to sleep past getting-up-for-work time. I also think I needed to have a little extra snooze because I had such a draining day yesterday. I took my pill as usual, and the shake. I'm still on only half measures, but tomorrow for the last day, I'll be taking the full amount. I still can't get the lumps out of the shake so I can't wait to buy a Shake Flask! I'm really enjoying the shakes, they taste so good with almond milk, I actually put a chocolate soy milk back yesterday because I'm enjoying them so much! The only down side I can see is that before, I didn't really drink much milk and now I'm drinking 8-16oz a day. So I think I might have to look into bulk buying almond milk, it might work out cheaper? I had a proper breakfast this morning, because I'm getting really hungry mid morning so I don't think the shakes are enough for me. I'm actually not sure if the shakes are supposed to substitute a meal? I don't think they are because it doesn't say it anyway, I think I just assumed that was the way it went, whoops! Also, the DFTS are a pain to take off! It hurts! Not like a bad hurt, but definitely think sellotape/duck tape being pulled off, I thought it would be less harsh than than. With that in mind, I still put mine on the inside of my wrist today. I've seen a lot of people wearing it there, so I thought I'd give it a go. So far it has been the most annoying place to wear it, I think maybe because your wrist is constantly moving, and you can see it all the time, but we'll see.

2:00 - Me and my nan went the cinema to see Cinderella, and it was amazing! I don't now if it's Thrive stirring things up in my body or I'm just being effected by the moon or something because I am weepy at the moment. I cried all the way through the film, it was quite embarrassing! Again I felt brilliant all day, and even when I'm hungry I don't feel weak, and lightheaded like normal. I am noticing that I'm getting hungry more often, I think It's because where I would usually fill up on crap and sugar, I'm not really having any of that because I'm not craving it, so while my bodies adjusting to not snacking as much, the time between food is getting longer, but I'm also getting fuller faster, so dunno whats up with that?! Hopefully that will just be something I get used to and my tummy will get used to the new feeding times.

8:30 - I got a headache (boo hoo). Im surprised I didn't get one on the first day of taking Thrive. My body seems to react to new things by giving my migraines, so for this to be the first one I've had so far, I'm taking it as a good sign. The DFT on my wrist is a pain in the butt. I don't know how anyone wears them there, it was just there all day. It kept getting caught on my sleeve, and when I moved a certain way it would pull at my skin and it was just generally irritating. I don't think ill be wearing it there again, I much preferred it on my shoulder. Also it leaves a weird sticky 'halo' when you take it off...it takes a bit of scrubbing so maybe don't put it particularly visible place. I got my shake flask which I am very excited to use tomorrow! It's only a little one (the others in the shop were obscenely huge) and its sparkly gold!!

Tomorrow Im on the full dosage for my last day (sad times) and I'll let everyone now my final verdict on this stuff (although I think you might of guessed what I think!) I've really enjoyed this little trial/challenge thing and I hope you've enjoyed reading it!

love and hugs x


Thrive//Day Three

Hello! It's Day Three in my Thrive trial and for this post I'm going to have a little look at the Thrive Capsules. 

There are two types, one for women and one for men. Here are the PDF's for Women and Men if you want to have a look at the full list of ingredients. They both claim to do the same thing which is:

  • weight management
  • cognitive performance
  • joint support
  • inflammation support  
  • anti-aging + antioxidant 
  • lean muscle support
  • digestive + immune support
The pill, starts off the whole process, obviously. Its just like a vitamin tablet that you would take from the store. It's just packed with Vitamins, Minerals, Plant Extracts, Anti-oxidants, Enzymes, Pro-Biotics, and Amino Acids. The way I got it explained to me was that, were you would buy a store bought vitamin which has been synthetically made, that will have way more than you need in it because our bodies can't absorb them, so you may only benefit from a tiny bit of it, but because Thrive is all natural ingredients, there is only the amount that you need in it, because it will all get used up. I hope that makes sense! Obviously, other natural vitamins exist out there, and you could take them too the same effect, but if your like me and like to have everything in a few simple steps, having everything in one little pill is pretty good. 

So on to the day! 
6:30 - Yes you read that right and yes I did a double take when I checked the time. I woke up at 6:30, of my own accord, no alarm, and it felt normal and good and then I realised that I was off today and I had really wanted to lie in (sad times). I did try and go back to sleep but I was waking up every 10 minutes and it just was working, I think my body was like 'NO! You don't need to sleep no more so get up you lazy bum!' This stuff is really making me a morning person, and its awesome. There is so much more time in the mornings! Does it actually go slower? Usually if I get up at say 10 and need to be somewhere at 1, I have to rush to get ready and its mayhem, but today I got up out of bed at 7 and I need to leave the house at 10...I'v had a shower, iv sat down and had my shake, I've written this little paragraph, iv texted some people, I've made breakfast, done my makeup. Whats up with that?! So yeah anyway, (I got sidetracked with the awesomeness of early mornings) I took the pill as usual, this time I waited longer to have the shake and it was much easier to take, I think to have it straight when you wake up, for me, is too much too soon, so I had the pill, got a shower and got ready then had the shake. I mixed it better this morning and I've been recommended a place to buy a shake-mixer-bottle thing (thanks Matt!) I've put the patch on the sore part of my back, which feels totally weird! I'll see if how it goes, but I can imagine it getting pretty annoying! 

7:30 - What a crazy day! I went for a massage and got a tattoo (not at the same time!) So my first 'normal' day on thrive wasn't so normal after all. I did feel great today though. I had loads of energy and my head felt so clear. I also bounced back after my tattoo much faster than usual. Another thing iv noticed is that I haven't craved sweet things since starting Thrive. I've been really hungry and wanting to eat pretty much non-stop but never have I wanted to eat cake or chocolate or sweets, which is usually what I want ALL THE TIME! I actually craved an apple, who craves apples?! I forgot about the DFT in the end, and I actually didn't have much, if any, back pain today, which was great! I think I might wear my DFT on my wrist tomorrow, just to see if I feel silly going out in public with a bright pink patch on my arm. It might actually generate some conversations with people who see it, so it actually might be a cleaver little marketing campaign. We shall see! I completely forgot to buy a shake flask though, womp womp, so tomorrow I can't forget, it would be interesting to ask the guys in my GNC if they know what Thrive is.

So today was a good day, I felt great, I had much more energy in the first half of the day, and even though I'm tired now (8:30) its not a sluggish tired, its a good tired. Tomorrow I'll be having a bit more of a relaxed day, and I'll be giving some info on the Lifestyle Mix on tomorrows post. Do you have any other type of vitamin/herbal/natural things that you take that you swear by that isn't Thrive? Comment bellow and let me know!

Love and hugs x

(Non of what I will write is with the Le-vel, its all my own words and feelings and I'm being completely honest about it, I'm not being paid to say any of it, its all my own opinions and thoughts.)

America In // Donuts

If you follow me on Instagram you will of noticed a certain name change and donut binge happened recently when T and I went to 'Murica. I want to gradually show you little snippets of our time there, and I thought it would be best to kinda categorise it, and I thought donuts was a good place to start.


I love them so much! There so yummy, and lovely, and sugary and they come in all flavours and colours and they smell amazing and just mmmmmmm! I think I dragged T into pretty much every donut store we came across, Im surprised I didn't put on more weight than I did. 

Of course we went to Dunkin.  It's one of my favourites, even though its a chain, there just good donuts and the hot chocolate is amazing! We don't have them in England, so when you favourite place to pig out isn't even in you country, I think that gives you a certain right to just go all out and eat yourself into a fat coma of sugary death, am I right?

Firecakes! Oh Firecakes, you set my heart on fire. I loved this store! Not just for the delicious goodies but for the whole package. It was so cute! and the decor and that layout was just everything I want it little take out food place. I wish it was mine, I want to work there and make donuts and drink coffee all day (which is pretty much what I do now so I can't really complain). I had the S'more donut which was chocolate donut, dunked in chocolate and came with homemade marshmallow and shaved coconut on top. YUM! (They were so tasty, I tried to sneak a bite of Cambria's too!)

The Doughnut Vault is a little food truck that parks around Chicago, and spreads happiness and sugar to the good people. I never got to go to it, but Lori pick us up some on her way home one night and it was amazing! I had Almond and T had Pistachio (eee!)
Top Pot Doughnuts were awesome! They didn't have a huge selection but the shop was the coolest. They had a huge bookcase which reached floor to ceiling and everything was wood and metal, it was like my perfect home decor but in donut form. I only had cinnamon cake ring donut, but it was amazing. Sometimes simple is best. 
Looking back on all these yummy food pictures has made me really want to go back to America just to have a donut. Maybe next time we make a trip across the pond, we can go on a donut road trip!! Is that a thing? it should be a thing. I'm going to make it a thing! Later this week I'll be sharing some more pics from our trip, maybe 'Places' because we went to so many of them!! Im off now for four days which is the best feeling ever! Tell me where your favourite places to get donuts is? Maybe I'll take my donut journey worldwide?!

love and hugs x


Thrive//Day Two

So yesterday I posted about my Thrive Day One experience and today, you guessed it, its Day Two (said in dramatic movie trailer voice)

Yesterday I said I would try and tell you a little bit more about Thrive and what I know about it from talking to some 'Thrivers' and just general internet poking around. Here are the main things iv found:

  1. It is not a weight loss program: When I first heard about Thrive, all the testimonials I read where from woman and men who had lost like 22Ib in two weeks and 'OH MY GOD I LOST SO MUCH WEIHGT ON THRIVE!" so naturally I thought it was one of those stupid diet pills. But when I looked into what Le-vel actually say about it, its never described or promoted as a weight loss program. Its listed as one of the 'side-effects' but its marketed as a way to a Premium Lifestyle...which, I thought, sounded pretty good. It focused mainly on getting energy levels up and getting more out of life and just feeling better, getting rid of all that crappy-ness that we feel every day (I know I do!)
  2. Premium is mentioned way too much: (I know that this is petty and not really anything to do with anything, but I'm being real here and this bothered me) When first reading up, the sound of a premium lifestyle sound really good, and I wanted it, but then I read the Brand Philosophy page and the word 'Premium' was mention 10 times. I know this is their kinda tag-line but by the end of the little paragraph, having read 'premium' 10 times, I couldn't make heads or tales of what it meant, and I hate repeating things. I know its Premium. You don't need to shout.
  3. It is all natural: Exactly what it says on the tin. It's all plant based and natural, there is no GMO or Gluten, its pro-biotic. I literally googled every ingredient so I could better inform you of any hidden, stupidly long worded ingredients that just sound healthy and the only thing I can find, thats isn't really anything, was that the mix has rather a lot of sweetener in, but if you read yesterdays post, it definitely needs it!
  4. It is tailored to gender: I love that they have two different ones for men an woman. Im all about equal rights but lets face it, we are different and we need different things. 
  5. It's not dairy free: This one is not an issue for me, but I know a quite a few people who can't have dairy or are vegan and I want to recommend this to them but I can't. If this is something Le-vel are working on, maybe a dairy free alternative(?), then great! If not, get on it! I think a whole lot of people are missing out if this is the case.
  6. The DFT's: I know they are awesome colours and are obviously made to be 'funky' but they look stupid. You can't look cool with one of those on. And there in such an obvious place, its recommended you put them on a lean part of you body like your shoulder or your wrist (I'm going to put mine on my shoulder for work) but I just think that something like that should be able to be put somewhere hidden. Not everyone wants to walk round with a big pink square attached to their arm. Or make it skin coloured. I dunno, I personally don't mind, but I know some people would feel self conscious about it.
  7. Everyone is different: Every story I have read and everyone I've spoken to has said something different. 'It worked straight away on day one' and 'I lost 22Ib in two weeks' or 'It took 4 weeks for me to notice anything' and even one where for the full eight week challenge she felt like shit - headaches, aches and pains, tiredness (apparently she still stuck at it, go her, and then started to feel better) so my point is if your gonna try this, it will be different for you than anyone else you read about. Your body goes through a detox, and flushes out all the bad and replaces it with what you've been missing, so your body might feel like death for a while but then it will start to feel good.
  8. You will feel bad if you come of it: I don't mean this in a 'cold turkey junky' way, but this was something I researched. If you have had a pretty rubbish lifestyle, eat bad and just mehness and you decided this is for you, and you feel amazing and energised and full of life, if you then stop and go back to how you were, your gonna feel like death. Why wouldn't you, you've just given your body heaven and then you take it right back to hell. The funny thing is, you will of spent years feeling that way, but now you know how your supposed to feel, nothing compares. Basically I'm saying keep that in mind, if your not thinking long term about doing this for your health and you just want a quick fix, this probably isn't for you. But I kinda get the feeling that even if you did it for a quick fix, you'd end up going the whole hog because who wants to go back to hell? (slight over exaggeration but you get the picture)
  9. Lifestyle Mix-it up: The shake is only one flavour. I dunno why this is, maybe its a natural flavouring thing, but I would at least maybe have a chocolate option? I would quite like a chocolate option personally. But now I think about it, vanilla is quite plain and it says you can blend it with fruit to make a smoothie, so maybe its meant as a base for other flavours, in which case I shall we purchasing chocolate milk for my shake.
  10. They seem like a great company: From what I've heard and my research into becoming a promoter, they are really good to their staff. They have great incentives and are vey hands on with the way they deal with questions and all the higher up promoters have an excellent product knowledge and they really take care of you, and from my experience in work places, if the people higher up at the top are nice and good to the people below them it tend to filter down to the line. The people I have personally dealt with have pretty much bent over backwards to help me find out more, answer questions and just make sure i'm happy with how things are done.
So onto the actual day of Day Two:

7:30 - Wow! I seriously didn't expect to see any difference at all in these 5 days, but already on day two I woke up this morning feeling awake and refreshed. Which is a big deal. My alarm has about 10 snooze buttons, even then I still never get up on time, I'm always late leaving the house and have to speed walk to work. Today I thought would be worse because I only got to sleep at 2am (ugh!) but I woke up on my second alarm at 6:45! I was ready by 7:15 and even had time to sit down for 15 mins while I drank my shake. I'm officially impressed. Also the shake was 100% better today, I made it with Almond milk and it tasted so good. I don't think I've got the hand of missing it though because it had big lumps of powder in it, so let me know down below if you've got any tips on how to mix the perfect shake. Im thinking of getting one of those fancy shake flasks with the spiky ball in it so I can have it on the go. I also got to wear the DFT today so I'll be seeing how that goes too.

10:30 - food time again, and I was huuuuungrryyyyyy! I know it was nothing to do with being on Thrive, it was silly me not eating dinner the night before or having any breakfast! DERP! My energy level were still up, I still felt alert in my head, even if my body was tired from lack of seep and food. The DFT was still holding on strong and was actually really comfy to wear. I thought it might of been that plasticky sticker material but it was sort of foamy and moved with your body, so I hardly felt it at all.

2:00 - I had a Boost water shake thing. It's not part of the core things but I had a few thrown into my package so I thought I'd give it a try. It was so WEIRD! It was so sweet it was almost unbearable, my mouth and teeth went really funny and it had the strangest taste, I can't even describe. It's supposed to be berry flavour, but it kinda tasted like Palma Violets but the huge ones that are way too floral. It wasn't horrible, but I think it will take a bit of getting used to. I was feeling the tiredness by this time so I thought a little boost would do me good, and I did feel myself get a little bit of an extra something but it soon went and I just wanted to go home and sleep for a whole day.

10:00 - Definitely ready for bed by this time, and just wanting to go to sleep. Im looking forward to tomorrow as I'm off and I can see what its like to take it on a normal day and not have to use all my energy on work, so the different environments will be good to see. I'm still wearing my patch from today, it says you can wear them for 24 hours so I'll take it off in the morning when I apply a new one. My friend has also told me that you can put your patch on places that you might have aches and pains, so I'm going to put mine on my back tomorrow as I keep having problems with it and today it played up a bit. Also I completely forgot to drink lots of water today, so tomorrow Im going to have to  be really conscious of drinking more fluids.

So the second day was pretty much the same. Not much of a change, but definitely noticed a difference to my mornings, and having more energy to start with. But I think today was a bad day just in general for not feeling too great, which I think will happen even if your on something like Thrive. I 'm off work till Tuesday now so I'm going to enjoy some R+R and continue looking into the Thrive products. I think for the last three days ill post about each of the three main products individually, one a day, along with my diary entry, looking in a lot more depth at each.

(Non of what I will write is with the Le-vel, its all my own words and feelings and I'm being completely honest about it, I'm not being paid to say any of it, its all my own opinions and thoughts.)

If any of you are on Thrive and want to share your experiences please please comment below or post a link to your Thrive post. I would love to hear more about others experiences and little tips and tricks you've learned along the way.

Love and hugs x


Thrive//Day One

Hey guys! 

A few weeks ago my friend in America approached me about trying out a new product called Thrive. Im usually a bit suspicious about things like this because do they really work? (really?!) I've never know anyone personally who has been on or had success with supplements/diet shakes/ect and all the adverts just seemed like a load of bull, and to be honest, this seemed like the same old story. But because she was a friend and I didn't want to out right naysay it, I clicked on the link and read the testimonials, and it sounded awesome, but there had to be something wrong with it surely?! I think I tried every possible google search for a bad review of it, and I couldn't find anything. I looked at my friends activity within the product and who she'd recommended it too, and found that I actually knew a few people on it, so I told my friend I'd give it a go. She sent me a sample pack in the post and Today was my first day of five, on it and i'm recorded my finding down throughout the five days to share here with you guys.

(Non of what I will write is with the Le-vel, its all my own words and feelings and I'm being completely honest about it, I'm not being paid to say any of it, its all my own opinions and thoughts.)

First off the packaging is really simple, which I like. I hate products that have fancy packing that aren't meant to have fancy packaging. Food stuff (unless its chocolate) should not have overly fancy packaging, it makes me think their trying too hard and its actually gonna taste like goats butt. I got a leaflet explain all the different things in the package and the ingredients and things like that, 4 DFT's (Derma Fusion Technology) 3 packets of Capsules, 3 Lifestyle Mix's (shakes) and 2 Boost's (shakes). I also got a little instruction sheet made by the Meghan explaining what to take and when.

7:30 - I woke up about 7 and took one Thrive capsule as instructed, they're much smaller than I expected(?) I had a feel of the packet and they felt huge so I was kinda dreading that bit, but they were just normal painkiller size, so that was a nice surprise. They were purple too which made me happy (it's the little things, am I right?!). 20 mins later I made the shake. I only used half the shake packet, as instructed, with 1/2 pint of water. Next time I'm going to use almond milk because water was a no no. It wasn't unpleasant but it wasn't nice either. It smelled like wood and tasted like sawdust and when I burped (WE ALL DO IT!) it was gross! But the after taste was definitely vanilla so I think with something a bit thicker than water and with a bit more of a flavour it would be nice. It took me forever to drink too, I have a hard time downing drinks anyway, but when i'm not too sure about it it's even worse. I forced it down though because I was late for work, but I felt really sick afterwards, the after taste was way too sweet for me that early in the morning, and I don't usually eat breakfast so it was all a bit too much. That was all I needed to do for the first day though, so I went to work feeling fairly optimistic, and ready for another busy day.

10:30 - I usually have my lunch at work around 10:30/11 and I'm usually always starving and ready to stuff my face. Today was no different, although I did find I got hungry much later than usual. I didn't really expect a drastic change, if any at all, but secretly I think I was hoping for this amazing day where I was so full of energy and not hungry at all and lost about 2st in that first day (obviously not gonna happen) I did notice one thing though, I only needed 1 cup of coffee to wake me up, usually I need about 3 to make me approachable in the mornings. I also felt a lot more energised and alert than normal, usually I drag my feet a bit, yawn a lot and try and stay awake, but I think I yawned twice today (yes I counted!)

1:30 - By 1 I was pretty hungry again, I usually snack around that time so my body might of just been used to getting fed at that time or it was actual hunger. I did wonder if it was because I only took half the amounts of things and I didn't wear a DFT patch? Ill see if I feel any differently tomorrow. But apparently some people do get super hunger rage on the first day because your body is just trying to regulate its self.

5:00 - I was starved! I got out of work and I just wanted to eat everything! Luckily the Mac Donald's in our town centre closed down otherwise I might of had a binge fest. Instead I did the next best thing and went the Bucks and ordered a muffin, crisps and caramel macchiato...womp womp! I can't be too hard on myself though because its only my first day on a new product, and actually, if I think about it I probably ate less than I usually would (she says stuffing chocolate in her face)

7:30 - I had a conference call with my promoter, her promoter and her promoters promoter (you with me?) Megan, Cassie and Risha were fantastic and made me feel so welcome into the Thrive family. They answered loads of questions I had and let me know all about the products and the health benefits. I feel really confident about this products and what It can do for me. I can't wait for tomorrow and to see whats in store.

So after my first day, I didn't really notice any changes, a little more energy and a lot more hunger. Tomorrow i'm still on 1/2 doses but I get to wear the funky DFT patch and I got some Almond milk to try instead of the water. If any of you are on Thrive and want to share your experiences please please comment below or post a link to your Thrive post. I would love to hear more about others experiences and little tips and tricks you've learned along the way. Tomorrow I'm going to share more about the actual product and what I've learned from research and also what the girls told me on the conference call, so if your wondering what the heck I'm going on about, come back tomorrow for an outsiders insight.

Love and hugs x
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