Liverpool Tattoo Convention//Things + Ink

This past weekend I went to Liverpool Tattoo Convention and it was amazing! I got tattooed by my amazing tattooist Juliet Preston. I got the bottom half of my sleeve started and I cant wait to give you a sneaky peak once it's healed better! I love going to conventions, you get to meet so many amazing people and see some awesome tattoo's being done. The booth next to the one I was getting tattooed at had an amazing lady who I got chatting too, and I've already talked to her about getting my shins done, she had a flash book of designs she wanted to do and I loved every single one of them so I cant wait to get one in the future.

One of the highlights of the weekend was getting to meet the girls from Things & Ink, I love their magazine soo much and I was fangirling quite a lot on the inside. I hope I managed to come across as sort of cool?! I also bagged some stellar prints for the future house, there was so many to choose from, I could of bought all of them but I manged to whittle it down to 4 of my favs. My favorite thing was going round all the stalls and collecting everyones buisness cards, haha!

There was one stall with the most amazing flash sheet for walk up appointments that I really wanted to get, but I just didn't have time. Next year me and T are gonna go for the day and I'm gonna try get a walk up appointment for a random tattoo, I'm trying to persuade T to get one too but I don't think he's convinced haha!


Qwertee//Fellowship of the Fantasy

Here is my second Outfit Post for my Qwertee Giveaway! This one is awesome, I just love Final Fantasy so I had to have this! This one is also not the original actually, I lost the first one in the fire too but luckily, a few months late they did a re-print of it, which I was sooo happy about! Its the first one that I bought in a woman's large, because I had a second chance to buy it I thought I'd just try the bigger size and I'm so glad I did, its just much comfier and you cant really see much difference in look. I love how versatile t-shirts are, you can wear them with anything! For years I thought t-shirts were so frumpy and only able to be paired with jeans, but now I'm starting to experiment more, I love what you can do with them! I've just ordered a new Qwertee this week, the sneak peeks that they send out with their newsletters showed some coming up that I just cant wait to get, good job that I've just got a job because I'm spending all my money on t-shirts, woops.

At the moment I'm working my way through all the Pokemon series and I love it! I used to watch it all the time when I was younger. I remember getting home and there being 3 episodes on after school, and I would watch it every day! I didn't really watch it after they started to change the characters round, but I'm determined to watch them all haha! I'm only on episode 25 of around 700ish so I've got a ways to go yet, and i'm falling in love with Pikachu all over again!

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Qwertee//Apocalypse Park

So here is the first Outfit Post for my Qwertee Giveaway! I know I'm going to say this for each of them but this is my favourite Qwertee I have. Jurassic Park and Pacific Rim, hellooo!? This is actually not the one I had originally, my first one was lost in the house fire in America, so T kindly gave me his one, he's such a great guy! So this is a guys small, and it actually fits pretty well (I usually get a woman large), I probably wont buy another guys one but its nice to know I can borrow T's when he has one I want! I pared it with one of my favourite yellow skirts that I haven't worn in ages, and it gives it a nice feminine touch. I cant wait to wear this this summer, bring on the sunshine!

I finally started my new job last week, so that's why I haven't been round much, and I absolutely love it!! I am so happy to be back at work and doing something productive and the people I work with are awesome so it's great to go to work and just know that the day is going to be so much fun. This last weekend was a bank holiday so I got Sunday and Monday off which was nice! I met up with some friends who I haven't seen for ages, and had a good old catch up and a coffee. What have you been up to this weekend? I'm gonna be pretty busy the next week or so, but hopefully I'll find time to do a spot of blogging because I keep thinking up post ideas, and my head might explode if I don't get them out!

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Birthday Giveaway//Qwertee

Hey lovely people! So i'm super super excited to be writing this right now, for two reasons. It's May which means its my birthday soon (woop woop) and I'm also doing my first giveaway! I've thought for a while now that I would like to do a giveaway for my birthday, and I decided to get in contact with the lovely people at Qwertee to see if we couldn't wrangle something together. I love Qwertee so I thought it only right to give my readers a product that I feel passionate about, I seriously can not stop buying t-shirts! I love that it's fans creating fan t-shirts, that people can literally upload a design and if it gets enough votes it gets printed! The possibilities are endless! I bought one the other week which was Harry Potter and Pokemon...only on Qwertee can you find that level of geek. I find it really hard to find good 'official' clothing in the things that I love, so finding Qwertee was like the best thing ever. I knew it was for me because I have searched for years for a good Stargate tee and then they printed one! Hells. Yes.

So to give you all a little taste of what Qwertee has to offer I thought I'd show you how I wear some of my tee's through out this month. I love that I can still look girly and wear my more 'dressed up' clothes and still get my geek on. Here I'm wearing a variety of sizes from woman's medium to men's small. I'v found that they do run a little small, I'm a UK 12 and usually buy a medium in clothes but after buying a few mediums and feeling a little tight, I tried a large and it fit perfectly and the men's small was pretty good too.

If you don't know how Qwertee works here's a little run down. Every day Qwertee has a new tee for sale which lasts for 48 hours. For the first 24 hours its £8 and the second 24 hours its £10. After that 48 is over the tee is gone and you can't get it again. Sometimes there are two on sale at a time and some times there are re-prints (which is how I got this last one after I lost the first in a house fire!!) So here's the giveaway...

I'm offering 2 readers 2 tee's each. All you have to do is follow this blog and then leave a comment saying what your ideal geek tee would be! Remember to leave an email adress so I can contact you if you win! Also, if you follow, comment, like or share Qwertee on any social media (ie: facebook, twitter, pinterest) you automatically get entered into their free tee prize draw, so you could get lucky again! The giveaway will last for the month of May from the 1st to the 31st. The winners will be announced on the blog and emailed, if there is no reply in 3 days other winners will be chosen. Again it's 2 winners getting 2 tee's each. Prize will be given in gift card form so the winner can choose the t-shirt they want when they want. 

I'm so excited to see how this pans out and to make it even more amazing Qwertee is giving my readers the chance to save some cash with the discount code 'DearWilderness' for 50p off any order for the whole of May! Good Luck!