Goodbye April//Hello May

I cant believe its almost May!! Where did April go guys? I blinked and its over, but happy times because May is an awesome month this year. I start my new job in a few days, something very very exciting is happening for the whole month on this here blog (check back on the 1st!), I'm getting some progress on my sleeve at the Liverpool Tattoo Convention, its  my birthday and I also have a joint project in the pipeline with T, which is beyond exciting!! I'm literally so excited May!

Today is probably my last day of freedom before I start my job, which is both sad and exciting. Me and T spent our last two days of time together in Manchester doing a spot of shopping and going to see Ben Harper live. It was such an awesome two days, the gig was just amazing and we got T his birthday present and some other goodies. We also got to hang out with some of our friends who we haven't seen for a while which was nice. So all in all just a pretty great weekend. I hope you all had a great weekend, and I'm sorry if I neglect this page whilst I'm settling into work, but definitely check back in May to see what totally awesome thing is happening!!


Currently//A Little catch Up

I finally finished my quilt that I've been working on for about a year now, It's so cozy and warm!

Watching Perks of Being a Wallflower over and over. Love that movie.

Trying out new hair styles now my hair is long, loving braids at the moment.

The blossom is out in full force right now and it's beautiful!

Spending time with mum in the sun this Easter.

Stealing dads Easter Egg toys and baking eggless cakes.

I have the best family. Spiderman soundtrack for Easter. Oh Yeah!

Loving: Max, he's at that age now where he's just starting to do everything and be more aware of things, he gets better every day and is always doing something new. He's just awesome!

Hating: Having all this time off! I know that sounds stupid but I'm so ready to start work again. I'm so bored not having anything to do, can't wait to get my hands stuck in and start baking lots of cake for the new cafe i'll be working in!

Thinking about: Nothing. Which is very odd recently, but I'm enjoying the quiet. Everything seems to be going okay and I've not had much to really think about that isn't 'I wonder whats for tea today?' I always feel like that in Spring, its a very quiet time of year for me.

Anticipating: My birthday! It's not till the end of May but I love birthdays so I always get really excited really early.

Listening to: Gaslight Anthem. T gave me a stack of CD's to listen to ages ago and I'm only just getting round to listening to them now. Loving Gaslight Anthem a whole lot!

Eating: Chocolate. So much chocolate. I had planned on not getting any eggs this year but I did. And I ate them all.

Reading: Stargate novels. I've been wanting to read them forever because I love the series, but never got round to it. The other day I saw one in a discount bookstore for £1 and I love it! It's so good, and I can picture them all exactly like the series, its just like watching a episode, cant wait to get more.

Wishing: That I didn't have to wait a whole week for GoT!! I love it, and having it end each week is torture. I watched the first three seasons all in one go so I'm not used to waiting, I'm pretty impatient when it comes to TV shows.


Jukebox//Vol 2: Still Into You

Jukebox is my new feature where I share some of my favourite songs, whether its because I just like the lyrics, the beat, the video or it has some deep personal meaning to my life. I believe music can affect our lives in such a big way, and especially for me, music has helped me though some really tough times and also some of my happiest. I want this feature to be real and uncensored. Maybe that means I'll share funny/embarrassing stories about certain songs or open my self up and share some tuff stuff. This blog has always been real, and I appreciate everyone who respects that.

Paramore is one of my all time favourite bands. They were my favourite back in my emo teenage phase and they're one of the few that I have carried through to adult-ish life. I wasn't too keen on the new album and I didn't even get through it the first time round, it wasn't the same as the old stuff and I didn't like it! I don't like change when it comes to music, especially with bands you love, I always get really nervous when I listen the first time. A half year later I gave it another go and I loved it! Especially this song, 'Still In To You'. I'd heard it on the radio and on Kerrang, but had sort of over looked it as it was the 'new rubbish stuff'. But I was oh so wrong. It's just a really nice love song. And not a seriously sloppy-make-you-sick love song, just a really down to earth hey-dude-I-love-you kinda love song, which is my favourite kind. Obviously this song reminds me of me and Tim. As soon as I heard it properly I was like. 'YUS! That is us!' I still get butterflies when I see Tim, every time is like the first time all over again (I know...yuck!) but it's nice that after two years I can still say that, and I hope I can say that forever.

The video too, is awesome! I love music videos that are just the band having loads of fun and you can tell that they had a blast making it. I love that it goes so well with the lyrics too, I feel really happy and smiley when I watch it haha! My favourite bit is the bit in the dark with the sparklers and fireworks, it make me want to have a night party and play with sparklers, and also dye my hair back to a cool colour (I have serious hair envy of Hayley Williams, she's my girl crush) So yeah, this one was fun and lovely and makes me feel all warm inside.

What's some of your favourite songs? If you do a Jukebox, post a link in the comments below and I'll check it out, I love to get music recommendations of people! 


Wish List//April

Here's my April wishlist! Hopefully I'll be starting my new job soon and I will finally be able to buy some of the stuff I've been drooling over! I know money isn't everything but it sure is nice to be able to get things that you like. I've been collecting quite a shopping list for that first pay check, then after that its back to being good and save, save, save! 

I love these patches from Explorer's Press. I cant wait to get some and cover my camera bag in them!

I would be happy with any of these tee's from Dpcted Apparel, especially the beard ones!

I'm due an upgrade soon and all these pretties from Society 6 are in the running for new my new phone cover (1//2//3//4//5)

My room would look so much tidier with this Doctor Who stationary hanger and also this poster, just because.

Bug and Bird Bingo?! I'll take both please!

I tried both these pair of shorts on the other day, and I loved them both! I love the embroidery work on these and the colour and pattern on these are amazing, and they're so comfy!


Mothers Day//Morocco Style

Mothers Day was lovely. I love Mothers Day, I love to spoil my mum and spend time with her, and to see her smile. Her smile is the best smile in the world. Matt took her out in the morning so I could set up her presents and balloons as a surprise, there were so many balloons, I'm surprised they didn't come back to me passed out on the floor! She loved all her presents, and I tried to make her wear her princess tiara all day but it came off somewhere along the way. We has Matt's mum and dad round for lunch later and mum made an amazing morroco style food thing (I cant remember what it was called!)  But was seriously good! Usually I play with my food a bit with food I haven't tried but I wolfed it down! It was such a lovely day that we even got to sit outside!! It's like April and its hot and sunny, whats that about? Afterwards we sat around and chatted and planned my birthday party, which is going to be pretty cool if it all goes according to plan.

Yesterday I had a pj day, stayed in and worked on my Project Life book. I did 13 pages! Not all of them are finished, but most only need me to write little bits, all the pictures are in place. I'm going to order some more plastic wallets this week because I need some different layouts, and I'm going to get some of my Instagram pictures printed too. I also did some painting in my field journal which was so much fun! I miss painting and drawing so much, so I'm really glad I decided to start something like that again. I'll be doing regular updates on the blog about both these projects so watch this space. Today is walking Hollies dog in the woods and watching Captain America! Hope you have a lovely Friday!


Jukebox//Vol 1: If Then

Jukebox is my new feature where I share some of my favourite songs, whether its because I just like the lyrics, the beat, the video or it has some deep personal meaning to my life. I believe music can affect our lives in such a big way, and especially for me, music has helped me though some really tough times and also some of my happiest. I want this feature to be real and uncensored. Maybe that means I'll share funny/embarrassing stories about certain songs or open my self up and share some tuff stuff. This blog has always been real, and I appreciate everyone who respects that.

If Then by General Ghost is actually a fairly new song that has quickly worked its way on to my 'repeat list.' It's a really simple song but I just love the lyrics. It's now become one of my motivational songs that I stick on when I need something to get me off my butt. It say's 'come on Holly! get of your bottom and just give it ago!' and that's what I need most of the time. I love the music, it make me think of that bit in the film when the main character realizes what they need to do and they just run. It makes me want to do that. Oh, I think I need some cheese? Stick that song on and I'll run to the shop and get that cheese! Oh, I left my phone on the bus and its driving away! Stick the song on, I will run after that bus until it gets to the end of the line. I've got to make a huge decision that could possible change the whole course of my life! Stick on the song and BOOM, decision made.

I love the line:

'I'd rather fail every time, Then to know I'd never tried, Never lived, never died, Just for an easy life.'

It's become a sort of motto for me. I've always been afraid of failure and looking like an idiot for not being able to do something, so I would just not do it. But I've realized that that is a stupid way of thinking. I would hate to get to the end of my life and think 'man, I did nothing with my life, I was just too scared.' Being scared is hard. So much other shit comes with being scared. Paranoia, shyness, laziness, depression, anxiety, I've had it all. It was just easier to not be scared and do nothing. But that it not a life I want to live. It's not fun, its a waist and  its so sad. I know we have to go through all that stuff to learn and to grow and become who we want to be, but in the end we have to choose to either carry on being scared and not trying or to go for it and live. Which is equally as scary but an exciting scary! Since I've chosen to not be scared anymore, I have done so much stuff that I never dreamed id do. I went to America for three months, I went to Uni, I found the love of my life and its so exciting!  I would definitely pick failing over not trying. If I fail, I learn. If I don't try, I stay stuck where I am. 

When of think of the future and all the possibilities before me, I'm not gonna lie, my knees start to shake and my heart starts pounding. I just don't understand how people do it!? How in the world do you leave home and buy a house? What are bills? What if the electricity goes? How do I get a proper job? How do I even choose what I want to do with my life? How do you raise another human being? What do you do when you need to do tax's? Do I have to start watching the news? How do you even be a grown up?! It's just mind boggling. But you know what, I stick this song on and it all of a sudden doesn't seem as impossible anymore. I can do it, I can try and I'll try my damn hardest to get it right, but if I don't its no biggie. I will learn and I will grow, and I'll try again.

Music is for sharing. If you do a Jukebox post: Link it though, I would love to read about the music that has inspired you and that get you moving. Maybe I'll find a few new jems too!

Artist: General Ghost Video: Wave Of Good Noise


Mother Daughter Style//In The Woods

Outfit details - Me: Dress//River Island Jacket//Dorothy Perkins Tights//unknown Shoes//Primark - Mum: (I don't know, will update)

So as usually I liked nearly all the photos I took of our Mother Daughter Style and had a really hard time picking the best, unbelievable this is whittled down. I think I have a problem. I just want to have all the photos all the time, I need to learn moderation, but untill then you'll just have to excuse the onslaught of pictures. These were taken the other day when mum and I spent the day together for Mothers Day. I love this little patch of woods and its been made even better by the little walk way that's been erected. It would make an awesome place for engagement shoots and I cant wait to spend my summer here.

I am in love with this dress. I love the colour, the shape, the length, just everything about it is perfect. It's really light weight so will make the perfect summer dress when it gets hotter. I really hope they bring out more in different colours and patterns because I will buy them all! The shoes I bought about two years ago in the sale and I wore them once maybe? I didn't get them to wear because they weren't really my style but they were so cheap that they were perfect for a DIY I had in mind. I'm so glad I didn't though because there perfect for this dress, and they're actually really comfy! And I just need to talk about the lip stick. Its Stella and it is the best thing I think I've ever used. Its so bright and when its dry it sticks like crazy and I love that its not shiny but is very matt. I love what mum is wearing too. I'm a little envious of her shoes and I'm gutted that they don't fit me. Curse my tiny feet! Mum loves cardigans, and this one is one of my favs of hers. It just looks so comfy and homey. We had a lot of fun shooting these photos, we always do, and we are definitely going to come to the woods again and make this Mother Daughter Style a regular feature on the blog.

I was so happy when I found some tiny baby mushrooms! A few days before I'd been with Sarah and Dad and I hadn't been able to find any, cant wait to go back and see if they're any bigger. I've decided to make my own little field guide of nature, and naturally I started the first page with 10 Poisonous Mushrooms Of Britain. I cant wait to get stuck into it and make my own observations instead of using just books and the internet. Tomorrow I'm going to go old nature book hunting in my little local bookstores, one of my favourite things to do.