Adventure//Lake Windemere

The other day I had the lovely pleasure of going to Windemere for some friends Hag/Sten do! It was so lovely and such a beautiful day. We spent the day kayaking and bbqing on the beach, and it was just the best day. I love Windemere. It's one of my all time favourite places to visit, the lake is just stunning on a lovely day and even more amazing at night time. I wish I could get there more often, it'll be the first place I head to when I can drive! It's also made me want to get a Go Pro camera, because being out on the lake and not being able to take picture of the amazing view just about killed me.

Today has been a super lazy day. It's been a crazy busy few weeks, so some down time was much needed. I've almost finished my True Blood marathon which I'm kinda bummed about (no more Eric!) but I've loved it, its an awesome series! What TV series do you love to watch? I need a new obsession!

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  1. Really beautiful photos. Sounds like you guys had a lovely time. x


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