Still Here//BBQ Sundays

Hello, I'm still here! I've been thinking about taking a break from blogging for a few months because of just starting a new job and some other projects that I've been thinking about, and generally for just a bit of a break from it all. I told T a few weeks back that I was thinking about it, and then while we were out at the weekend he asked me how my months break had gone, I didn't even realize it had been that long since my last post! So I guess I needed that time and my brain just took me there anyway. It's been a crazy, great month, I've had such an awesome time. I've got to spend time with Max and get to know him more, I've had some great family time and I'm loving my new job! This past month has been so great for getting the ball rolling on life and the future, nothing has happened as such, but I can feel it in my bones and being able to talk about it with T and my family is really making things seem real and attainable.

I always feel pressure after a break to come back with a super awesome post and wow you all with the amazing things I've been doing, but to be honest, I don't really have much to say that would be classed as a super awesome post. So I think a few pictures of this last Sunday where me and T just had a pretty normal but pretty good day. We spent the day in the park reading and sitting in the sun which was lurverly, we've also discovered the amazing game of chess and we played a few cheeky games in Starbucks. We had a BBQ in the evening with dad and Sarah which was so yummy, I do love a good BBQ.

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