Bike Adventures//The Guild Wheel

Sorry about all the pictures but I had such an awesome day the other day cycling the Guild Wheel around Preston with my mamma. We've been talking about going on a bike ride for ages, and this week we finally did it! It was such a lovely hot sunny day, couldn't really of asked for a better day. It was a 21 mile trek all around Preston, it took us 4 hours and we had a lovely little picnic halfway round. I would definitely recommend doing it if you can, its a beautiful little route!

This week has been a crazy crazy one! It's been unbelievably hot in work...like 36C+ and its been a really looong week too. I'm so glad its the weekend and I can just chill the hell out, for one day and not be stuck in a hot stuffy kitchen. Hopefully I can spend the day watching tv with mum and catching up on some blogging, I've got some cool posts to get through and I miss blogging, big time!

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