Qwertee//Fellowship of the Fantasy

Here is my second Outfit Post for my Qwertee Giveaway! This one is awesome, I just love Final Fantasy so I had to have this! This one is also not the original actually, I lost the first one in the fire too but luckily, a few months late they did a re-print of it, which I was sooo happy about! Its the first one that I bought in a woman's large, because I had a second chance to buy it I thought I'd just try the bigger size and I'm so glad I did, its just much comfier and you cant really see much difference in look. I love how versatile t-shirts are, you can wear them with anything! For years I thought t-shirts were so frumpy and only able to be paired with jeans, but now I'm starting to experiment more, I love what you can do with them! I've just ordered a new Qwertee this week, the sneak peeks that they send out with their newsletters showed some coming up that I just cant wait to get, good job that I've just got a job because I'm spending all my money on t-shirts, woops.

At the moment I'm working my way through all the Pokemon series and I love it! I used to watch it all the time when I was younger. I remember getting home and there being 3 episodes on after school, and I would watch it every day! I didn't really watch it after they started to change the characters round, but I'm determined to watch them all haha! I'm only on episode 25 of around 700ish so I've got a ways to go yet, and i'm falling in love with Pikachu all over again!

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