Wish List//April

Here's my April wishlist! Hopefully I'll be starting my new job soon and I will finally be able to buy some of the stuff I've been drooling over! I know money isn't everything but it sure is nice to be able to get things that you like. I've been collecting quite a shopping list for that first pay check, then after that its back to being good and save, save, save! 

I love these patches from Explorer's Press. I cant wait to get some and cover my camera bag in them!

I would be happy with any of these tee's from Dpcted Apparel, especially the beard ones!

I'm due an upgrade soon and all these pretties from Society 6 are in the running for new my new phone cover (1//2//3//4//5)

My room would look so much tidier with this Doctor Who stationary hanger and also this poster, just because.

Bug and Bird Bingo?! I'll take both please!

I tried both these pair of shorts on the other day, and I loved them both! I love the embroidery work on these and the colour and pattern on these are amazing, and they're so comfy!

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